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East New Market

Eastern Shore General AdvertiserThe following links will take you to transcribed newspaper articles/items that mention East New Market and/or its citizens.

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The articles/items listed were transcribed from newspapers found on microfilm and online.  See Sources and Recommended Reading for more information.  Some of the entries were found in previously published abstracts and transcriptions.  These were very useful in finding the original article.

Maryland's first newspaper "The Maryland Gazette" was launched in 1727 by William Parks.  It was published in Annapolis and focused on news from a wide area.  The newspaper continued in publication in various iterations until 1839.

On Tuesday, May 11, 1790, James Cowan published the inaugural issue of "The Maryland Herald and Eastern Shore Intelligencer".  This Easton, Maryland newspaper was the first published on the Eastern Shore.  Much of the news covered was national in nature and local to the Easton area.  However, Dorchester County and New Market did make occasional appearances.  New Market can be found on the fourth surviving issue dated 10 August 1790.

The next newspaper to make its debut on the Eastern Shore was the "Republican Star" published by Thomas Perrin Smith.  It was first published in August of 1799 and continued with various subheadings until June 12, 1832.  Only a few of the earliest issues survive.  The first known mention of New Market in the "Republican Star" was in the 17 August 1802 issue.

The first newspaper published in Dorchester County was the "Cambridge Chronicle".  The newspaper was established in 1822.  With a newspaper in Cambridge, local events and people in New Market were more frequently mentioned in the news.  However, due to the small size of New Market during the early part of 19th century and the newspaper's focus on Cambridge, New Market was not mentioned in every issue.  Other Cambridge based newspapers were established during the 1800s:  The Dorchester Aurora (1835-1840?), The Cambridge Democrat (1845-1866?), The American Eagle (1855-1864?), The Cambridge Herald (1859-1866?), The Cambridge Intelligencer (1863?-1869?), Democrat & Herald (1866?-1870), Dorchester News (1867-1870), Democrat & News (1870?-1966), Cambridge Chronicle (1870-1906?), Dorchester Era (1878-1906?), The Item (1894-1901+), Dorchester Standard (1895-1906?), and the Daily Banner (1897-current).  The original Cambridge Chronicle ceased publication in 1855.  The Cambridge Chronicle that began in 1870 was not related to the first.

Two other Dorchester County Newspapers were established in the 19th century.  The "Ruralist" was an agriculture newspaper that began in Federalsburg in 1884, and continued publication there until it was moved to Gluckheim between 1888 to 1900.  It continued publication until about 1902.  The "Hurlock Advance" began in 1898 and continued under that name until 1923 when it became the "Upper Dorchester News".

A newspaper known as the East New Market Advertiser was mentioned in another newspaper in 1909.  This newspaper is the only newspaper known to have been published in or for East New Market.  At present nothing more is known about this newspaper.