East New Market


Denton Journal

4 December 1909 - Necrological News Notes

Mrs. Elizabeth Turner died Wednesday at her home, at East New Market, of pneumonia, aged 79 years.  Mrs. Turner was a sister of the late John Webster, one of the most prominent farmers of the county.  She was twice married, first to a Mr. Hardcastle, of Caroline county, and some years after his death to Mr. Frank Turner, of Queen Anne's county, who died about fifteen years ago.  Mrs. Turner was a prominent member of the Methodist Church and gave liberally to its support.  She leaves a brother, Mr. S.L. Webster, of East New Market, and two sisters, Mrs. Martina Hurst and Mrs. Elbridge S. Johnson, of Baltimore, besides numerous nieces and nephews.

4 December 1909

Mrs. Elizabeth Turner, whose death at East New Market, at the age of seventy-nine, was noted in the Journal of last week, was the second wife of the late Edward Hardcastle, of Caroline county, who years ago was a member of the Maryland Legislature.  After the death of her husband she married Mr. J. Frank Turner, of Queen Anne.  Mr. Hardcastle was the father of Mrs. Annie Hardcastle Downes, widow of the late Col. Philip W. Downes, who died some years ago, and mother of Messrs. J. Dukes and Ormond W. Downes, of this town.