East New Market


Denton Journal

13 February 1909 - To Turn Lights on in June

Mr. Thomas F. Garey has accepted the franchise authorizing him to introduce electric light and power here, and is having plans and specifications drawn by consulting engineers.  In a few weeks the construction of the line will be begun.  The most improved three phase machinery will be installed.  Further development to procure an increased head of water and fallwell in the nature of a concrete spillway and a short canal leading from the turbines will be made.  Unless unforseen accidents occur the installation will require not more than six weeks.  Denton will probably have electric lights by June.  It is said to be Mr. Garey's purpose ultimately to extend wires to Greensboro, Ridgely, Hillsboro, and Queen Anne.

The pole line to convey electric current from Federalsburg to East New Market via Williamsburg and Hurlock, is now completed.  Practically all of the business houses in the last-named place, including the hotel and the Methodist Episcopal Church, will use the light, these places being wired and all ready for the service to be connected.  The company now has a force of six men wiring business houses and dwellings in East New Market, and it is hoped to have all this work done and connection made when the power plant at Federalsburg is fully completed in March.  The town authorities of both Hurlock and East New Market have contracted for street lighting, and the citizens of both towns are looking forward with a great deal of interest and pleasure to the time of turning on the electric current that will illuminate their streets, homes, and business places, and thus mark a new era in their history and place them in the ranks of the most progressive towns.  The Idlewild Electric Company at Federalsburg, which is to furnish the power, has experienced some delay in getting the generator shipped, but everything will probably be in order by the first of second week in March.  After all the work is completed and the machinery running smoothly and the lights giving satisfaction in Hurlock and East New Market as they are doing in Federalsburg, where they have been in use some time, the company will probably take up the question of extending the line to Secretary, which is less than two miles distant from East New Market, provided sufficient interest is shown in the matter by the citizens of that place.