East New Market


Denton Journal

Denton Journal - December 12, 1914  - Fire

In a fire which destroyed $30,000 worth of property at East New Market Sunday night, the drug store and stock of goods belonging to Mr. T.O. Jefferson, of Federalsburg, and in charge of Mr. Louis R. Dukes, formerly of Denton, was consumed, together with the stores of J. H. Mullinson and F. Geznow, the residence of Charles Morgan, and the Hotel Chesadel.  The fire started in the Mullinson store, and its origin is a mystery.  The local fire company was assisted by Cambridge firemen, but, because of poor water supply, the work of the fire-fighters was not very effective.  The large blaze from the fire at East New Market on Sunday evening was observed by a number of people here.  Messrs. James, Orland, Edwin, Phil, and Ralph Wright went from here in a machine, and were among those who helped fight the fire, which at the time threatened to wipe out the entire town.