East New Market


Baltimore American

9 July 1918 - W.C. Stevens Sentenced

Former Postmaster at East New Market, Md. sent to Jessup. - A term of six months in the House of Correction was yesterday given by Judge John C. Rome, in the Federal Court, to William C. Stevens, ex-postmaster at East New Market, Dorchester county, for alleged embezzlement of postal funds

The money amounted to $4668.66, all of which the indictment set forth was loaned on interest to Wilson B. Swayne, a resident of East New Market.  Letter received by United States Attorney Samuel K. Dennis from A. Stengle Marine, state's attorney of Dorchester county, and other prominent citizens both in Cambridge and East New Market were turned over to Judge Rose by Mr. Dennis before sentence.  They attested to Stevens excellent character previous to the alleged embezzlement and the good standing of his family in Dorchester county.

Stevens, who is a cripple, standing by reason of his affliction, not over four feet high, is but 24 years old.  Judge Rose, in passing sentence upon him, said that he would have punished him more severely but for his physical infirmities and the restitution of the money by his family on his behalf at great sacrifice.