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April 20, 1923 - East New Market in Lead -

The Near East Relief meeting at East New Market last night put New Market in the lead in the list of contributors.  The second and third grades of the schools under Mrs. Sue Creighton's guidance gave a whole case of condensed milk and with the duplication of Borden Milk these two grades have the honor of an eight dozen cans contribution to the sick and hungry kiddies of the Near East.

The total amount of milk brought in was twelve dozen cans of Borden's and sixteen cans of Everyready brand and to this was added a $15.52 cash contribution.

The pictures taken in the Near East this summer brought this situation close to each one and Miss McCormick showed how bravely these people had struggled against cruelty of the Turk and the forgetfulness of their pledges by the Allies and America.

Mr. W.J. Crow was appointed permanent chairman of the Near East Relief at East New Market.