East New Market


Upper Dorchester News

21 December 1923 - East New Market

The first real winter arrived last Thursday night when a rain storm turned to sleet and later in the wee hours of Friday morning to snow, covering Mother Earth with a wet blanket by daylight.  While the weather has not been extremely cold, it has been cold enough for that
snow to lay in places where the sun did not shine until Tuesday afternoon, when the last melted and the ground was muddy where it had been frozen.

We would like to request the driver of a car with license 127-280 to be a little more careful in parking his car in Cambridge, and not jolt the cars that happen to be standing in front of him quite so much.  We appreciate the fact that it is difficult to pull in to the curb when
the space is limited and utmost care is necessary.

Miss Elizabeth Webster has returned from Centreville where she spent a part of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Flowers, of Wilmington, Del. and Mr. D'Arcy Flowers of Cambridge, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kimmey.  Mr. Flowers and his wife motored down and surprised his sister, Mrs. Kimmey, when they drove in the yard Mr. and Mrs. Flowers had also met Santa Claus in Wilmington, and he had sent down all the auto would hold for the little Kimmey children.

Miss Rucker, Superintendent of the Elementary Teachers of the County, spent Tuesday at our local school.

Mrs. H.E. Oliver attended the funeral services of Mr. Robert Brinsfield which was held Sunday afternoon at Brookview.

Miss Mary T. Webster has returned after spending a week in Baltimore.

Miss Mildred Higgins and Miss Evelyn Moore are both out and doing nicely after having their tonsils removed.  Little Miss Evelyn Brannock is doing nicely also.

The primary chairs have come and will be used by the little folks on Sunday.  The teachers, Miss Helen Windsor and Miss Rebecca Willey, ordered the chairs from Mrs. Mary K. Willey and Company, who besides donating a chair, furnished the young ladies with chairs at cost.

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie and Mrs. Cushion of Seaford, were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T.S. Higgins on Sunday, as also were Mrs. Dora Vickers, Mr. & Mrs. Olin Higgins and family, of Hurlock, and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Higgins and Misses Mildred and Evelyn and the Masters
Higgins.  The occasion was a birthday dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Bradley and children, of Hurlock, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Reid.

It has been suggested that the county arrange to gather and use all ashes from coal fires to repair the shoulders along the state roads.

Coal ashes make a very good road, but have to be replaced, frequently, but they would be a fine improvement over the muddy shoulders that we have at present.

Mr. Otis Bramble, of Glenolden, Pa., is spending a short time at the home of his sister, Mrs. Mary K. Willey.

Miss Norma Merrick is spending sometime in New York City, where she went to join Miss Eva Jefferson, who is spending sometime there.

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Seward, of James, were weekend visitors in town, spending the time with Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Handley.

Mr. Leon Bradshaw started for Chance, where he so often spends his Sunday evenings, but this time by chance he spent the evening on the road in the mud, and never reached his destination.  When finally he was assisted to depart from the muddy road, it was so late that he had to return home, where we are told he arrived at four in the morning.