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Upper Dorchester News

21 December 1923 - Parent-Teachers' Association

Wednesday evening, November 12 the Parent Teachers' Association was called to order by the Vice President, Prof. W.C. Bowen, in the absence of the President, Mr. S.J.T. Smith, who we are glad to say is convalescing after a serious illness.  Following the singing of America, the minutes were read and approved, reports from the chairmen of the various committees were heard, and Prof. Bowen gave an interesting, though brief address on Colonial Schools, comparing them with schools of the present time, and spoke of the development of the creative power in those days, and the importance of encouraging it. Miss Thelma Blake and Miss Mary Francis Crowe sang a duet – "The Minuette", in colonial costume; this was received with much applause, and the Cookie Mann was given as an encore.  These little ladies have worked hard to perfect these selections, and we hope they will appear again.  Good things are always worth repeating.  A committee of three was appointed to arrange for a program for the meeting to be held January 10th.  Prof. Bowen explained the plans of the county Parent-Teachers' Association.  Discussions of the betterment of local meetings were carried over to be settled at the next gathering, when it is hoped there will be more than 15 members and the teachers present.

This is the broadest organization that a town can have; to it the Grange, the Eastern Star, the Masonic Lodge, Woman's Club, the Churches of all denominations, Catholics, Protestants, and Jew, the business man, his wife, their children are all invited and expected to take active part in the welfare of this portion of our nation.  Only children unaccompanied by parents are vetoed, and this is a matter for each organization to settle.