East New Market


Upper Dorchester News

1 June 1923 - East New Market

Mrs. George Kennerly of Salisbury visited Mrs. Walter Sherman this week.

Rev. and Mrs. J.H. Whedbee and children motored to Newport on Monday where they spent the night with Mr. And Mrs. Gregg, returning Tuesday.

Miss Marguerite Clifton entertained the Epworth League Cabinet at her home Monday evening. The usual reports were given, and after the discussion of new business, a very pleasant social hour was spent.

Mrs. Nettie Adams and daughter, Jean, Miss Mildred Higgins and Mr. Thomas of Cambridge were visitors in town on Sunday.

Mr. W.T. Gambriel of Norristown, Pa., spent the weekend at home.

Capt. W.V.E. Jacobs of Washington is spending a few days in town with his sisters Misses Jean and Emma Jacobs, at the home of Laura Vincent.

Misses Hattie and Lillie Wright of Cambridge are spending some time with their brother, Mr. Fred Wright, near town.

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Sherman of Philadelphia spent Sunday with Mr. Sherman’s mother, Mrs. Walter Sherman.

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Holland and Mr. & Mrs. Moran Higgins of Baltimore motored down on Sunday and visited Mr. & Mrs. T.S. Higgins.

Miss Hilda McWilliams and Ruth Wilson and Messrs. Lee Shufelt and Les McWilliams spent Sunday evening at Bishops Head.

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Vincent, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Vincent, and children, Mr. Will Burns and Miss Sallie Burns were guests of Mrs. Laura Vincent on Sunday.

Several new automobiles have appeared on our streets recently. Rev. J.H. Whedbee is driving a sedan Chevrolet now. Mr. & Mrs. D.F. Condon ride in a new Buick, while Messrs. Clarke and Thomas Andrews are in possession of a large Durant.

Mrs. Clara Phillips, Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Phillips of Cambridge motored to town and were guests at the home of Capt. & Mrs. W.E. Johnson Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Mary Henry of Wilmington is spending some time with Mrs. T.J. Taylor.

Mr. & Mrs. Levin Reid of Preston spent Sunday with Mr. & Mrs. E.W. Wheatley.

We are glad to report that Mrs. E.W. Wheatley, who has been quite sick for the last month is much better. We hope to see her out soon.

Miss Mary J. Steadwell of the Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, is the guest of Mrs. Laura Vincent.

Messrs. J.B. Webster and Charles Webster motored to Snow Hill on Friday on a business trip.

Rev. J.H. Whedbee, Messrs. T.J. Taylor and Hampton Hicks motored to Bishops Head on Wednesday to attend the revival which Dr. George W. Cooke is conducting there.

Rev. & Mrs. G.R. Brookes arrived at home on Saturday from Kansas City, Mo., where they attended the Southern Baptist Convention, which was in session there from May 14 to May 21. They have returned full of enthusiasm for the advancement of their work here. Mr. Brookes had the honor of reporting one of the Sunday Schools of the State of Maryland that has reached the 100% goal in the denominational requirement, it being his school in East New Market. There was one other school in this state, that located in Frederick. On passing through Cumberland about 100 friends of Rev. & Mrs. Brookes met them and gave them an ovation.

The Women’s Club was represented at the Dorchester Federation of Clubs which met at Vienna last Thursday by Mrs. O.W. McWilliams, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Pauline Brannock, and Mrs. Mary K. Willey.

Mrs. Charles Meyers is spending some time in Baltimore visiting relatives.

Misses Evelyn Bradley and Clara Bell of Hurlock were guests of Mrs. Georgia Reed this week and attended the Declamation Contest.

Mr. & Mrs. Keltz of Philadelphia spent several days this week with Mr. & Mrs. Paul Willis.

Rev. J.H. Whedbee was in Federalsburg last Thursday and heard Bishop MacDowell, of Washington.

Rev. and Mrs. J.H. Whedbee and children, Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Baker, Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Taylor, Misses Ruth Taylor, Myrtle Andrews and Lida Meredith motored to Bishops Head on Friday evening to attend Dr. Cooke’s meeting.

Mrs. Frank McMahon of Federalsburg is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Thomas Collins.

There will be a sale of ice cream and cake on Saturday afternoon and evening on the lot adjoining the bank, under the auspices of the Women’s Club.

May 30th was Bundle Day, the high school received bundles, and the Epworth League sent a donation of clothing, which was collected at Mrs. Sue Creighton’s home.

Mr. Hamil Smith of Cambridge spent Decoration Day with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. James M. Smith.

Miss Elsie Boston is absent from her accustomed place in Mr. Oliver’s store, because of illness. Miss Katherine is substituting for her.

Mrs. Joseph Crossette of Philadelphia visited her brothers, Messrs. Thomas and William Collins on Sunday.