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Thursday, Dec. 23, 1924 -East New Market Items

Miss Agnes Smith, of Vienna, is spending the Christmas holidays at  home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.J.T. Smith.

Miss Wright of the High School Faculty is spending the Christmastide at her home in Easton.

Prof. and Mrs. W.C. Bowen left on Saturday for Newark, Worcester County, and Hampton Roads, Va., to spend the next two weeks.

Miss Louise Boston, of Vienna, is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Boston.

Mr. J.D. Snyder and friend, of Frostburg, who have been spending some time with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Saxton, enjoying the ducking season, have returned to their homes.

Miss Corkran of the High School Faculty, left Friday to spend the holidays with her parents at Rhodesdale.

Miss Rebecca Willey, student at the State Normal School, arrived at home on Friday to spend the Christmas holidays with her mother, Mrs. Mary K. Willey.

Mrs.  J.B. Webster, Miss Mary Webster, and Miss Mary M. Post spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Post at Vienna.

The Baptist Busy Bees held their sale of fancy articles on Saturday afternoon in the office of Isenberg Vulcanizing Works, and in spite of the cold had a very busy and we hope successful afternoon.  The fancy articles were very attractive, the pies, cakes and candy looked appetizing, and even the ice cream disappeared even if the thermometer was falling.

Rev. J.H. Whedbee left on  Monday for Newport, Del., to spend the Christmas holidays with Mrs. Whedbee and the children.

The Grange was entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Webster on Friday evening, the house was filled to overflowing.  The annual election of officers took place, and several new members have been recently initiated.  The Grange is recognized as the Mother and the Social Life of the Farm Bureau, which has come in with modernized methods of business.  Delicious refreshments were served.

Winter is here again, with the thermometer at 16 and 17 in the early morning, and 22 at half past ten on Monday.  The young folks are thinking of getting out their skates.

We hope no one has failed to secure a supply of Health Christmas Seals which have been on sale at Mrs. Mary K. Willey’s Store, due to unavoidable circumstances the usual house to house solicitation has been omitted this year.

The Christmas entertainment for the children will be held on Christmas night at the Methodist Church.  The different committees have been very busy and we feel sure their efforts will be repaid.  Santa Claus is expected to visit there about nine o’clock.

Cabin Creek Sunday School will present a pageant:  “The Path of Promise,” on Friday evening the 26th.  Everybody is welcome.

The play “The Dutch Detective,” which was given in Realty Hall on Friday evening under the auspices of the Ushers Union, was a success.  The hall was filled to its utmost capacity, and everyone was delighted with the entertainment.

East New Market again borrowed the use of the Secretary Recreation grounds on Friday when the team of field ball from our High School played with Hurlock.  A very large and enthusiastic crowd attended.

Post office employees had their busy season for the past few weeks, some meet the rush with smiles and the spirit of the season, while others become worried and freeted.  There is one Postmaster in this county who by his amiable manner has won a name among friends as a wonder.  On one occasion a late comer arrived at the office with some Christmas mail after the mail carrier had gone to the train.  This Postmaster took the mail, stamped it and the party took him to the station, arriving just as the train did, but the mail was started off in time.

Due to the epidemic of bad colds, among which the local correspondent is classed, the news items are very scarce.  Only the items sent in have been used.