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12 June 1924 - Severe Storm Visited This Section

A terrible storm, a real cyclone, passed over this part of the county Sunday afternoon.  The first peal of thunder was heard about fifteen minutes of four, and a small cloud appeared on the horizon, which rose very quickly, the cone shooting across the sky, and in a few minutes destruction was left in its path.  By four o'clock only fifteen minutes from the first warning of the storm, the worst was over.  It is impossible to mention all the damage done, grape harbors, fences, trees, went down like twigs.  A large tree in Thomas Higgins' yard went down across the street, cutting off all passing toward the Methodist church, and only missing the roof of Dr. Nichols' house because the wires and trees did not give way entirely.  Two trees in from of postmaster Meyers' house went over, scraping the corner of the porch, but doing no damage to the house.  A very large tree along side of Mr. Charles Helsby's dwelling fell, the roots bringing the ground with the sidewalk with it.  It fell on a fence, but the branches held the weight, so that the fence was left intact.  A tree just in its prime was twisted right in two parts in the trunk about four or five feet from the ground in front of Mrs. Hildebrandt's house, falling across the yard.  The roof and one side of the barn at the farm where Mr. Stocker lives on the Secretary road was wrenched off.  Bath houses at Greens point was blown over, windows were blown out at Mr. George Hicks, and Mr. Frank Webster had just put his car in the garage and gone to the house, when the wind lifted the garage up, carried it over the garden fence and set it down, leaving the auto unhurt.  A tree at the home of Mr. Joe Bell at Reids Grove, a favorite apple tree, blew over, and went across the field as easy as a feather, turning over and over.  Several trees at Mr. Fred Wright's fell, and so we could go on until every farm and house in town was mentioned.  One of the colored women said on Monday:  "I thank the Lord, I am still here." Surely we should feel very thankful that no life was lost, and the damage to property was no worse.