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12 June 1924 - Rev. Brookes Talks to Graduating Class

The baccalaureate sermon preached by Rev. George R. Brookes at the Methodist Church on Sunday morning was: "The Worthwhile Life," the text was taken from James 4:14, "What is Your Life."  Mr. Brookes divided his subject into three parts – purpose he said that it was first necessary for everyone to have a conviction that he has a place to fill in this world, and that place can be made a better place.  To know that the world has no place for a failure, that a man instead of being a victim of circumstances, should be a Master of circumstances. Under the head of plan, he put industry, optimism, and a righteous character.  In speaking of industry, Mr. Brookes assured the class that activity never hurt anyone, but inactivity, and insisted they be optimistic at all times, and continue to go higher, advising them to go to college.  As for Power, he made a very impressive appeal for the acknowledgement of the ownership of God in our lives.  Mr. Brookes made the statement that ex-President Wilson never missed a prayer meeting for ten years when he was at Princeton, also quoted the Duke of Wellington, who said:  "Education without religion would surround us with a group of devils."  The choir for the occasion was chosen from all the churches in town, and Secretary, and the special music was very pretty.  The church was tastily decorated in class colors and flowers.