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12 June 1924 - Class Night Exercises

The class night exercises were held on Monday night, as follows: Class Song; Class History – Russell Hurley; Presentation – Evelyn Higgins; Prophecy – Rebecca Willey; Last Will and Testament – Mary Koch; Class Play – The Revenge of Shari-Eot-Su-Sama, a Japanese play, and the boys and girls did splendidly.  Rebecca Willey, the leading lady, made an ideal Japanese maid, and Russell Hurley, who seemed to have the most difficult part, also deserves credit.  Helen Winsor and Evelyn Higgins made a fine mother and daughter, Mary Koch, the little Japanese mother, moved the audience first to laughter and then to tears by her quaint Japanese fashion and submissiveness, to her stern husband, this part was taken by Mathew Smith.  Others who took part were members of the Junior Class and did their parts in a way that showed careful preparation.