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19 June 1924 - Commencement Exercises

The commencement exercises of the East New Market School were held Wednesday evening, June the 11th at eight o'clock.  The music was furnished by an orchestra from Cambridge, and was unusually fine. Miss Mary Koch gave the address of welcome, Miss Helen Winsor read a splendid essay on Woman's Place in the States.  Dr. Frederick E. Lee made the address to the graduates, taking as his Subject: "The Need of a Higher Education," using the why and the how as the roots of his remarks.  He said the time has come for young people to realize that men of all classes, those of high education and those educated in the school of knocks need to have one aim. The diploma that you will soon receive is a passport to go on to fit yourselves for life.  As to the why to go to college, he said "only 2 per cent of the 110 billion people in the world are educated today to fill the highest positions, only ten per cent are High School graduates. The big opportunities...  [page 2 missing]