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15 May 1924 -  East New Market Items

Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand L. Ulman have returned to their home in Baltimore at the Normandie after spending a week with Mrs. Ulman's sister, Mrs. W. T. Merrick.

Mrs. N.A. Brinsfield, who has been spending some time with her daughter, Mrs. Irving Tilghman, left this week to visit her daughter in Cambridge.

Rev. George W. Cooke, of Castile, NY, and Mr. Harold Vignuelle, of Cleveland, Ohio, are guests of Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Whedbee.

Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Colbourne and family have moved to town from Wilmington, Del., and are occupying one of Mrs. Willis' houses.

Mrs. Joseph Marine and Miss Stella LeCompte, of Baltimore, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brown at their home near town.

Mesdames S. J. T. Smith, J. E. Patten, G. W. Isenberg, J. S. Underhill, H. E. Parker, Chas. Webster, and Mary K. Willey and Miss Elizabeth Webster were among those from here who attended the fifth semi-annual convention of the Federation of Women's Clubs of the Eastern Shore, which was held in Cambridge last Thursday.

Mrs. Angolina Mowbray is spending a week in Hurlock visiting with friends.

Miss Louise Boston has purchased a coupe to use in riding to and from her school.

Mr. C. W. Meyers was elected President, for the fourth consecutive term, of the Maryland State Branch of the National League of Postmasters which was held in Baltimore May the 6 th.

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Phillips and Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Phillips, of Delmar, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Boston on Sunday.

Mr. Charles Webster attended a meeting of the Eastern Shore Trust Company Bank officials at Annapolis on Thursday.

Mrs. F. W. Mengers of Baltimore spent the weekend with Miss Mary Webster.

Mr. J. B. Webster has returned to his home from Baltimore where he spent ten days at the Dr. Kelley's Sanitorium, where he took a course of treatment. Miss Louise Webster spent Friday in the city, making the return trip together.

Mr. Lee Jefferson, of Federalsburg, was a visitor in town on Saturday.

Rev. A. L. Urban, of Norristown, Pa., spent the weekend with Rev. and Mrs. William McClelland. Mr. Urban preached at the Vienna, Hurlock, and the local church service.

Mr. and Mrs. Julian Richardson and children spent Sunday with Mrs. Richardson's parents near Hurlock returning home on Monday.

Mr. A. P. Peterson and children, Lillian and Edna, of Aireys, spent Tuesday afternoon with Miss Betty Peterson at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Tieder.

Mr. William Silcox and children, of Wilmington, are spending two weeks with her mother, Mrs. George Moore.

Prof. And Mrs. W. C. Bowen spent the weekend at Newark, Worcester County, with Mr. Bowen's parents.

The Choptank Lodge as a body attended the funeral of Mr. Carroll at Hurlock.

In response to an invitation to the members of the local chapter of the Eastern Star from the Cambridge Chapter, the following named were guests at the meeting held last Wednesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. O.W. McWilliams, S. J. T. Smith, James Hurlock, and George Thompson; Mesdames H. F. Oliver, J. E. Patten, G. W. Isenberg, and Chas. Webster; Misses Maud Isenberg, Elizabeth Webster, and Vivian Wheatley, and heard and address on Alaska.

Mr. Milton Willey, of Pocomoke, spent several days in town this week.

East New Market High School team crossed hats with Eldorado team on Tuesday afternoon on the home field, and the local team won.

It is expected that our boys will compete with the Chestertown boys on Saturday in running races.

Mrs. J. L. Thompson, of Hurlock, spent part of this week with Mrs. G. R. Brooks.

The Baptist Busy Bees have postponed their regular meetings until after the evangelistic meetings at the Methodist Church have closed.

Mrs. H. B. Hicks has installed town water in his residence, which is one of the most up-to-date houses in town, having all modern improvements.

Misses Helen Windsor and Louise Webster and Mr. Edgar Willey were delegates from the Methodist church.

We are glad to report Mr. Charles Stevens is out and around town after having been in the house with a broken limb for several weeks.

Mrs. O. W. Hubbard has been numbered on the sick list, but is convalescent.

The evangelistic meetings at the Methodist church are being attended by large numbers. The first speaker was Rev. Dulaney, of Sharptown, who took his text from 2 Kings 5-13, "Wash, And Be Clean." Thursday night, Rev. White, of Bridgeville, spoke on Isaiah 53, verse 1, "Who Hath Believed Our Report, and to Whom is the Arm of the Lord Revealed?" Rev. Carpenter, of Cambridge, was present Friday evening and delivered the message from Acts 1-8, "Ye Shall Have Power after the Holy Ghost Has Come Upon You," with these lessons as a preparatory course, Rev. Cooke took up the work Sunday morning. Mr. Vignuelle, formerly a member of Orpheus Choir, which last summer carried off the International honors in Cardiff, Wales, is leading the singing. He possesses a rich baritone voice, which people enjoy thoroughly. Cottage prayer meetings are being held in the homes every morning, and it is the sincere desire that the community will be united in a stronger co-operation feeling and that the churches will be strengthened with a quickening power.