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22 May 1924 - Climax Reached at Evangelistic Meetings

Sunday was surely recognized as a big day at the Methodist Church.  The Sunday preceeding there were 86 automobiles parked around the church at the night service.   This closing service must have had one hundred in spite of the heavy downpour of rain.  And Thursday evening there was a big crowd too.   Every night there were visiting ministers from all parts of the county.  Thursday evening Mr. Dulaney, of Sharptown, was present and made a fine prayer.   Friday evening the school attended in a body, and a special musical selection was rendered by Mrs. Tatman, Mrs. Bowen, Dr. Cooke, and Vignuelle.  Dr. Cooke left many little sayings to be put in a daily note book, as follows:   "You can buy a house, but you can not buy a home, Love makes a Home.", "Vote as you Pray", "We need a Red, White, and Blue Sunday, not a blue Sunday."

Mr. A.D. Spencer, of Baltimore, was over for Sunday again.  Mr. Spencer has a fine base voice, and he and Mr. Vignuelle sang, "I Have Been Alone With Jesus," the song services which were held for one hour before preaching at each service, were thoroughly appreciated.   Sunday morning Dr. Cooke preached what is known as his "Lily Sermon," the test was "Consider the Lillies how They Grow:  they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like on of these."   Simplicity was the key word of this sermon.  He compared the lily with a human life, suggested decorating it with a landscape painting, with diamonds and tinsel and said that was in keeping with the way many people treat their personal make up, neglect the mind and spirit and decorate the body.   He drew illustrations from Wagners: Simple Life, and showed that environment is not responsible for character, the lily bulb may be planted in a pig pen, but its bloom is the same pure lily, the horse will balk just the same from a well planted stable, as from a neglected one.   The lily became beautiful because it came in contact object of the Christian character which leads to Salvation.  A pure religion is to visit the widow and the orphan and keep unspotted from the world.

As the result of the meetings there were about 25 taken into church membership on Sunday at the Methodist church; 13 names were passed to the Baptist minister, Mr. Brookes, 5 to Mr. Wright of the Methodist Protestant church, 2 to the Episcopal rector, Mr. McClelland, and ten will join the Secretary M.E. Church.  About 80 in all were at the alter.