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17 April 1925 - Parent-Teacher Association

The interest in the Parent-Teacher Association has grown throughout the year, and the assembly hall was filled to its utmost capacity last Wednesday evening when Mrs. S. J. T. Smith, out esteemed president, called the meeting to order.

After singing "America, the Beautiful," prayer was made by Rev. George Newton and the minutes were read.  The program for the evening was rendered as follows:

Duet – "School Days" – Rosalyn Tieder and Elinor Bell, accompanied by Mrs. Camper.
Reading – "The New Church Organ" – Mrs. Charles Hurley
Solo – "West of the Great Divide" – Mrs. H. E. Parker
Reading – "Hash" – Mrs. Jester of Church Creek
Duet – Cake Walk – Wilbur and Douglass Collins
Echoes from Washington College, Messrs Emil Hildenbrandt and William Twilley.
Address by Rev. Mr. Jester of Church Creek, subject:  Strength in Organization.
Address by Rev. Mr. Newton, who was a pupil here 25 years ago, spoke on the "Problem of Living Together in Peace, or Universal Brotherhood."
Remarks by Rev. G. R. Brookes.

Reports from Rev. Wm McClelland, who stated that 685 feet of land tile had been used by Mr. Earl DeMott, who gave his services free, and that Mr. J. A. Baker had sent the county men under Mr. Phelps to attend to the ditches.   Mr. McClelland spoke particularly on the co-operation which had been so prevalent during the work, the convenience of getting the work done at the right time, means as much as getting it done, and everyone answered the call when needed.   Mr. Wallace Bonner sent his tractor, 36 days of scoop work have been done, 24 days of labor outside, have been put on the yard, $83.00 have been spent, and as much will be needed.

The report of the Soup Committee was read, and a new committee was appointed, Mrs. E. W. Wheatley, Mrs. H. E. Parker, and Mrs. Wrightson Camper.

The Secretary announced the following committee for the next meeting:  Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Bell, Mrs. W. J. Crowe, and Mrs. Hildenbrandt.

Coming Events

The County Sunday School Conferences:  April 27 and 28, Monday and Tuesday, at the Baptist Church.   Do your part.

The County Meet for the Public Schools, Wednesday, May 13th.  Big preparation is being made for the entertainment and comfort of visitors that day.