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Thursday, Dec. 17, 1925 -Where is the Difference?

Should a man come along the highway and demand your purse, you call him what?  You have an officer of the law out to hunt him up.  But – you sit in your own home take up the receiver and ask what is the charge to talk to a certain city.  You are told 85c for the house, and $1.05 for a special party.  You go to the pay station, ask for the house of a certain person in a certain city.  You know nothing about numbers in their directory, so how else could you call?  You talk with a guest in the house, leave your message, and when you ask for your charge, you are told to drop in $1.05.  This is not an exceptional case, but the usual occurance.  The Telephone Company manages well, pays good dividends, and is complimented on service.  What is the difference?