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Upper Dorchester News

July 14, 1925 - Miscellaneous Shower

A miscellaneous shower was given Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn Isenberg by the community on Thursday evening at the club room.   Mrs. Isenberg was Miss Mildred Nichols, whose popularity dates back to the day when she first slipped away from the front door step, and walked to the corner.  The abundance of packages proved that the popularity had not waned to the present day.   Gifts of linen, kitchen utensils, and so forth were hung on a line, until there was danger of breaking, then they were placed at the feet of Mrs. Broom, who was present in her bright red dress, standing midway in the line.   Music was furnished for the evening by the Hudson Family Orchestra and the Sunday School Orchestra.  Mrs. H.E. Parker gave a vocal solo.   Ice cream and cake were served.