East New Market


Upper Dorchester News

July 8, 1925 - East New Market

Miss Helen Helsby has returned home after a visit after a visit with Rev. and Mrs. J.H. Whedbee at Seaford, Delaware.

Mrs. W.R. Harrison, Mrs. Edwin Linthicum and Miss Molly Linthicum, of Church Creek, spent last week with Rev. and Mrs. J.A. Hudson.

Little Miss Emma Jane Layton, of Vienna, is spending some time with her aunt, Mrs. H.B. Hicks.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Wright had as guests on the Fourth, Mr. and Mrs. Alton Hackett, Misses Elizabeth and Edna Frances Hanby, of Philadelphia, Miss Wilson, and Mr. Edwin Henry, of Cambridge, Miss Marian Wright, of Wilmington.   The day was spent on the banks of the Choptank at Greens Point.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Melvin and family, of Cambridge, spent the Fourth with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Reid.

Mrs. E.C. Bell, Mrs. Demott, Misses Melva and Elinor Bell, Master George Clarke Bell, Miss Mary Millard, Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Howard motored to Tolchester when Baptist Day was held there, and met with many of their friends from Baltimore.

Mr. Elwood Andrews, of Philadelphia, spent the weekend with friends and relatives here and in Hurlock.

Mrs. Alton Hackett, of Philadelphia, who is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. J.B. Wright, left on Tuesday for a short visit with relatives in Preston.

Rev. and Mrs. J.H. Whedbee and children of Seaford spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Helsby.

Miss Marian Wright has returned to Wilmington after spending the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Wright.

Mr. Charles Lankford, Miss Marie Lankford, Mr. Cappell and sons, Paul and Raymond, Mrs. Anthony Boye, and little daughter motored down from Wilmington and spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. Klug and children, of Glen Burnie, Maryland, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Klug's sister, Mrs. Fred Kimmey.

Mrs. J.W. McAllen is spending this week with relatives in Salisbury.

Mr. and Mrs. William Silcox and children and Miss Evelyn Moore, of Wilmington, Mrs. and Mrs. Arvie Moore and baby, of Cambridge, spent the weekend with Mrs. and Mrs. George Moore.

Mr. and Mrs. George Moore and guests and Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Smith and guests held a picnic on the Fourth at the shore at Mr. Pattens.

Mr. Carl Rankin, of Westernport, Md., is the guest of Mr. Emil Hildenbrandt.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stevens and baby, of Cambridge, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Stevens.

Miss Virginia Vincent, of Philadelphia, arrived on Tuesday to spend the summer with her grandmother, Mrs. H.L. Vickers.

Mr. Webster Crieghton, of New York City, is spending his vacation at home.  Mrs. Sue Crieghton, who is attending Summer School at College Park, spent the weekend at home.

Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Gambriel and little daughter, Gloria Ann, Mr. J. Franklyn Gambriel, of Norristown, Pa., and Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Beyer and children, Marjorie and Atlie, of Philadelphia, Mr. and Mrs. Grant U. Stiner and son, Grant Jr., spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Gambriel.

While Miss Mary Eagon was sitting in the hammock under a tree at the home of a friend, Miss Rosalyn Brinsfield, she had quite a surprise when something fell in her lap.   She lowered the book she was reading, and there was a black snake.  Needless to say more.

Miss Blanch Vane has returned to her home at Linkwood after a visit with her sister, Mrs. Laura Vincent.

Mr. and Mrs. Kinder and children, Irene and Robert, of Seaford, and Mr. and Mrs. MacNichol, of New Haven, Conn., spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. T.S. Higgins.

Mrs. Elias Jones of Towson has been the guest of Mrs. H.F. Nichols this week.  Mrs. Nichols also had as her guests her mother, Mrs. Gore and sister, Mrs. Harper, of Hurlock, on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Gorman Phillips and Mr. Brenton, of Hoopers Island, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Willis on the Fourth.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Smith and children spent Wednesday at Ocean City.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bilmire and family and Mr. John W. Neal, of Baltimore, motored over to spend the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Willey, of Pocomoke, Mrs. Arthur Willey and children and Miss Lulu Fletcher, of Preston, were guests at the home of Mrs. Mary K. Willey on the Fourth.

Miss Mary Gootee, who is taking the Summer Course at College Park spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Gootee.

Mr. George Moore left on Monday for Wilmington, where he will spend three weeks with his daughter, Mrs. William Silcox.

Mrs. Chas. Willis is visiting her brother, Mr. Chas. LeCompte at Salem.

Miss Ruth Russell, of Wilmington, Del., is visiting Miss Helen Helsby.

Mr. Donald Stockley, of Baltimore, spent the weekend with his aunt, Mrs. Frank Spence.

Mrs. Clarence Saxton and nephews, Douglass and George Perry Snyder, of Frostburg, Billy Johnson, of Washington, D.C., are spending the summer on the banks of the Choptank River, at their cottage at Mr. D.F. Condon's shore.

Master Billy McClelland has returned home after spending a week in Salisbury.

The Masonic Lodge is holding their regular meetings in spite of the intense heat with a good attendance.

The Cabin Creek Sunday School held their annual picnic on July the 4th at Mr. Patten's.

Mrs. W.R. Harrison, of Church Creek, and Mrs. Ryland Vickers and son Ryland Jr., of Baltimore, were visitors at the parsonage on Tuesday.

At a meeting at the Methodist Church Tuesday evening, a Junior Choir of 20 voices was organized, and will sing each Sunday evening at church.   Come out and hear the boys and girls sing.  The orchestra will also play right through the summer.  The special selections last Sunday were clarinet solo by Joseph Hudson and violin solo by Mr. Ernest Richardson.   The musical program was followed by a short sermon, the text was found in Jeremiah 18, chapter 2 verse.

Miss Elizabeth Webster is spending several days this week in Baltimore.

About 11:30 P.M. on the night of the Fourth, a party of young folks returning to Easton from Cambridge, stopped under an electric light to see how the gasoline was holding out.   A second car with two men came around the corner at the Methodist Church and smashed into the car that was standing still.  The result was that the two men were thrown out, and judging from the blood marks on the brick walks, were seriously cut.   Their car was badly damaged.  Dr. Nicols gave first aid, but one of the men was carried to the Cambridge Hospital, where four stitches were taken in his face.   The Easton party continued on homeward.  All parties refused to give their names until the garage man said a name must be given before the car could be fixed.   Mr. Bennett owned the damaged car.

The annual Sunday School picnic for the Methodist Church will be held on Wednesday, July 15th at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Patten.