East New Market


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Wednesday, May 6, 1925 - East New Market Ready for Meet

Five Thousand People Expected To Witness Annual Meet To Be Held At East New Market On Wednesday, May 13th.

Do not forget this school day meet for Dorchester County to be held on Wednesday, May 13th, 1925, at East New Market, Md.    Remember this is the Children's Day.  But we are expecting the grown-ups also.  We are getting ready for a big time.   "LOOK".  We are expecting 5000 to be present and if you don't come, we are going to be disappointed, as we feel you should come to help the boys and girls in their different athletic games, as these are to be our men and women of the future.   We have the room to take care of all who come, and you are all "just as welcome as the flowers in May."

We people up East New Market, Md., have just lots of faith, and having this faith, we are going to print here our committees, so that you can see we are going to have a big time, as stated above:

For erection of stands and making signs – James M. Smith, chairman; F. E. Milliard, W.C. Johnson, L.C. Howard, Thos. Gambriel; John Collins, Lake Thomas, Mr. Harrison.

Soft drinks, cigars, cigarettes, and matches – Clarke Andrews, chairman; Harry Steinman, Rueben Clauser, Watkins Crowe, Henry Wright, Franklin Isenberg, Chas. Webster Jr., Mr. C.S. Meyer.

Lunch room in Assembly Hall – Mrs. George W. Isenberg, chairman; Mrs. J.E. Patten, Mrs. Mary K. Willey, Mrs. S.J.T. Smith, Matthew Smith.

Hot dogs – William T. Collins, chairman; Miss Anna Camper, Mrs. Thomas H. Collins, Mrs. John Smith, Mrs. Jos. H. Webster.

Sandwiches and coffee – Charles Helsby, chairman; Mrs. Chas. Webster, Mrs. Ross Smith, Mrs. C.L. Saxton, Mrs. Chas. Blake, Mrs. S.W. Camper.

Ice – Mr. Thos. H. Collins, a committee of one.

Confectioneries and fruits – Archie Bramble, chairman; Mrs. Chas. Webster, Miss Mary Wrightson Camper, Mrs. Georgia Reid, Mrs. E.E. Demott, Mrs. Otho McWilliams.

Rest Room by Red Cross – Mrs. J.W. Brooks Jr., chairman; Mrs. J.B. Wright, Miss Myra Dean, Mrs. Chas. Hurley, Mrs. William McClelland, Miss Elizabeth Webster, Miss Louise Webster.

Parking – Charles Blake, chairman; Howard Blake, George Moore, E.W. Wheatley, William T. Hubbard, Ira Brinsfield, Chas. Hurley, Luke Hackett.

Field ushers – Hampton B. Hicks, chairman, Ross Smith, Irving Windsor, Howard Blake, Andy Sard, Weldon McAllen, Winfield Webster, E. Metz, Willis Beard, Edgar Twilley, Lee Stevens, E.E. Demott, Harry E. Oliver.

Care of school building and entertainment of visitors – Rev. George H. Brooks, chairman; Rev. J.H. Hudson, F.B. Clifton, W.J. Crowe, J.E. Boston, C.E. Bell, Miss Agnes Smith, Miss Louise Boston, Miss Maude Isenberg, Miss Mary Gootee, Miss Madora Moore, Miss Virginia Wright.

In the lunch room in the Assembly Hall we will serve a dinner for 50 cents.

We want to thank you in advance for your attendance.

C.L. Saxton, Chairman
Chas. P. Webster, Sec'y and Treas.