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November 5, 1925 - Halloween Party

The Parish House was the scene of much merriment on Saturday night when the Rev. William McClelland was host to his friends among the younger set.  The host made the request of his guests and enforced it that every one should come masked.  Miss Mary Wrightson Camper as Pocahontas carried off the first prize, a string of beads; Miss Margaret Jones received the prize for being the funniest costumed.  Little Mary Houston Wright as Little Red Riding Hood, Miss Elizabeth Nicols, and Mr. Gerald Hudson as Gypsies called for special mention.  Herbert Smith was the best disguised, being the last one to be guessed.

Games were played, interspersed with the Virginia Reel, Waltzes and other dances.  Miss Sarah DeMott won in Marching to Jerusalem, and also in Bobbing for apples.  All enjoyed the Scramble for Goodie Rolls.  Ginger cakes, cider and cakes were served.