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Poem by A.L. Manning
found behind the photo of his wife, Sarah E. Mackey

Sallie E. Mackey

Thou hast been my ruin
A.L. Manning M.D.
East New Market
Dorchester County and
State of Maryland

You once seemed more than I could ask
You once professed all that was true
While only in thy smiles I basked
Nor dreamed of treachery in you.

But vain delusion, false as fair,
As false as they polluting breast
For scarcely had I pillowed there,
E're James R. Pollard broke my rest.

You won him to your truant arms,
And lead him to my hapless bed,
To gloat upon forbidden charms,
And revel in a husbands' stead.

You broke the heart that had been true,
And cast my hopes upon the wind,
You crushed the soul that worshipped you,
And caused that soul to deeper sin.

Composed by A.L. Manning M.D.
the agonized and deeply injured husband.


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