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            by Dr. A.L. Manning

Elizabeth Green Edmondson died on 16 September 1851.  She left her husband, William V.M. Edmondson, and a 15 year old daughter, Emma V. Edmondson.


On the Death of a Friend

Mrs. Elizabeth Edmondson

A friend:  she was a friend to all
In sickness and in health
The same in hovel as in hall
To poverty and wealth 

A friend to all who were in need
A friend to high or low
A friend to me she was indeed
A friend to rich and poor 

A husband left to mourn her life
A daughter bowed in tears
Believing in the savior's crop,
Of death she had no fears 

Oh happy death triumphant death,
Peace and grace were given
Praising God with her latest breath
Angels, God, and heaven. 

Before the only God she bowed
And worshiped him in truth
Her prayers apended long and loud
He blest her in her youth. 

Blissful joy smiled on her lip
As death her eye did glase,
She quit this world, she (?) death did sip(?),
But gave to God her praise. 


Imploring husband, child, and friends
To meet her in the skies,
Right up to heaven now ascends
Her spirit soul it flies. 

Heavenly spirit search the ground,
Where must, where can we go
Guardian angel hover round
Thy friends on earth below. 

She looked by faith beyond the grave,
Her (?) sea and mountain high
To where salvations waters lave
Where souls can never die 

                              By A L Manning 


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