Home         Fannie Vincent's Death
            by Dr. A.L. Manning

Fannie Vincent's passed away on the 24th of October 1862, aged about 9 years.  She was the only daughter of the late lamented John F. H. Vincent and Lavinia Vincent.


She sleeps her last sleep, tis the long sleep of death,
Oh!  Fannie, dear Fannie, how still is thy breath
How hushed is thy voice, to thy fond mothers ear;
Her lone daughter's prattle, no more will she hear,
She has gone where her father, went, just on before,
To the land of sweet promise, the spirits bright shore. 

Then, oh weep not for her, ye friends of such dust,
She's in the kind hands, of!  the hands you can trust,


The hands that have made her, and formed her of clay,
Have borne her an angel, triumphant away;
From the storms and the trials, that shatter this earth,
To a home in the Heavens, an angel of worth 

      A. L. Manning


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