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The dates and amounts were not filled in.  This is a blank lease.

Lease for Framed Dwelling in East New Market for 1876 

We promise to pay to Dr. Anthony L. Manning, or person bearing his written order and signature, the sum of                                                               cash, or current money of the state of Maryland, to be paid in equal installments or              payments, beginning at the first of                           1876 and ending the 31st day of December 1876 it being for the rent of framed dwelling house, lot, carriage house, corn house, and stables, situated in the town of East New Market, Dorchester County & State of Maryland (for the year 1876, ending the 31st day of December thereof.) we further agree, during our residence, or the residence of either of us in said property, to allow the said Dr. A. L. Manning or his agent to enter free from charge at any time, and see to the condition of said property, and to do whatever repairs free from charge that he may think necessary:  We also bind ourselves to take good care of said houses and premises; and to put as much good stable manure or ashes yearly on said lot and garden as will fully suffice to keep them as fertile or productive as when received; and to keep the ditch thoroughly cleaned out; and that no change, or changes whatever are to be made, or repairs done to said property, without the knowledge, and written consent of Dr. A. L. Manning, and that said property is to be returned in as good order as received, or placed in, (natural decay, and accidental fire excepted)  We further agree not to rent said property, or part of said property to any other person, or persons, but to occupy it ourselves for the term rented, without the said A. L. Manning shall give his consent in writing; and that at the end of this lease, peaceable possession is to be given to said A. L. Manning, or succeeding tenant; and that if we conclude to leave said property at the end of the year herein specified, that we are to give said A. L. Manning full six months written notice of the fact.  The rent we are to deliver, or in default of payment of rent, or breach of any covenant or agreement herein contained, the said Dr. A. L. Manning or his agent can re-enter and take full possession of the property. 

Where unto we have affixed our hands and seals this      day of       1876 




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