East New Market

Property Reports

106 Main Street

Willoughby Casket Manufacturing (ca. 1890)

(Also known as Carpenter's Shop, Carriage House, and Warehouse)

A tax record from 1896, lists Thomas D. Hooper with a carriage house valued at $500.  In October 1905 Howard Willoughby purchased a carpenter's shop from Thomas D. Hooper.  The building is shown on the 1922 map as a building for Casket Manufacturing.  In 1977 it was described as a warehouse.  Today it is owned by Leonard Zeller and part of his Funeral Home business.  Emma Helsby Smith began leasing the land land she owned in late 1880s.  These leases were not always recorded.  Since a land record does not show Thomas D. Hooper acquiring this lot, it is assumed that he leased it from Emma H. Smith around 1890.

The Warehouse is located behind the Willoughby Funeral Home and is part of the Zeller Funeral Home business.  For more information about nearby properties at this corner see the Northwest Corner.  Most of these nearby properties were owned by Emma H. Smith and several are now owned by the Zeller family.