East New Market

Property Reports

11 Academy Street

Name House

This house was probably built around the turn of the century.  By 1922, this structure was depicted as a one story house with a tin roof.  It also had a porch across the front which also had a tin roof.  The siding was a later addition.  The house was torn down in 2007.  There is a slight possibility that the rectangle on the west side of the Mrs. Newton property on the 1877 map could have been this property. 

From the Maryland Historical Trust - State Historic Sites Inventory Form - 1985

Gabled roof covered with tin.  Structure covered with asbestos over wood siding.  Replaced shutters.  There are 3 paired windows, 1 over 1, on right side.  Two small 3 over 1 windows in rear and a small addition.  There are 2 over 2 windows an left side that are unusual because of their length.  Brick Foundation.  This building does not look as if it were built as a house, it resembles a likeness to a meeting house or church, etc.  This building appears to have been constructed ca. 1930.  It is partially demolished in the rear and does not have any known local significance.