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13 Academy Street

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13 Academy Street

This home was constructed around the turn on the century.  On the 1922 Sanborn Fire Map, the house is depicted as a 2 story structure with a porch across the front and a 1 story extension at the left rear of the house.  Each part of the house had a tin roof or slate roof.  A small garage used to stand to the west of the house.

From the Maryland Historical Trust - State Historic Sites Inventory Form - 1985

Tin roof covered over layers of wood shingles.  2 inside chimneys at each gable.  Boxed cornices with returns.  3 bays wide; 2 deep.  Windows 6 over 6.  There is a veranda entirely enclosed.  There is a 1 story in rear L with gabled tin roof.  Attached is a modern 1 story, shed roof addition.  Federal style. An outbuilding is a gabled, tin roof small structure with asbestos siding.  Door has narrow vertical boards.