East New Market

Property Reports

20 Main Street

Blake-Wheatley House (1877)

Mrs. Helsby House 2005

In 1873 William Willoughby bought a 1 3/8 acre lot on the west side of Main Street for $800.  Tax records for 1873 to 1876 mention shops on this larger lot, but otherwise describe this lot as unimproved.  In 1877 William Willoughby sold the lower 3/4 acre part of this property to Phoeba Helsby for $800.  A house is pictured on the 1877 map with Ms. Helsby as the owner.  The dwelling is mentioned in later deeds and tax records.  The evidence shows that William Willoughby built the house for Phoeba Helsby in 1877.

George E. Wheatley, Town Constable, bought this house in 1902.  His daughter Hester Estella Wheatley married Charles H. Blake and continued to live at the house until she sold the house in 1949.  Six years later the house was sold to Russell T. Blake and the house has remained in the Blake family through 2007.   Members of the Blake-Wheatley family have owned this house for over 100 years.