East New Market

Property Reports

28 Main Street

Oliver W. Hubbard House (ca. 1912)

Willioughby Single 2005

Oliver Hubbard likely had this house built shortly after he acquired the property in 1910. 

In 1852, Samuel Sewell was assessed for a shop & lot at the location which now encompasses 22, 24/26, and 28 Main Street.  22/26 is now a duplex.  From 1866 through 1873 his heirs were assessed $200 for stables, a shop & the lot.  In 1873 William Willoughby bought the property from the heirs of Samuel Sewell.  In 1874, his tax record includes a "new shop" valued at $200.   By 1876, William Willoughby had a carriage Shop & 3 other shops at this location valued at $1000.  A mortgage from 1879 describes a house, carriage shop, and furniture store at this location.  

The 1922 Sanborn Fire Map shows the structures as they stand today.  The 1877 map shows three structures with 22 Main Street and 24/26 Main Street being approximately the same size and in the same position.  The structure at 28 Main Street is a different size and in a different position.  The structure abutted the street in 1877, but was away from the street in 1922.  The 1877 structure was also smaller.  The tax assessment from 1896 to 1910 lists a house valued at $400, a shop valued at $300, and a shop valued at $50. 

The low tax value in 1910, $50, likely indicates that the structure was small and in poor condition.  Therefore, the structure at 28 Main Street that existed in 1922 was likely a replacement for the 1877 structure.  It is also likely that the small shop that was at this location in 1910 is the same one that existed in 1852.

James Cheesman (b. 1895) stated in 1990 that "Ms. Sue Creighton and them were raised in that little house."