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32 Academy Street

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From the Maryland Historical Trust State Historic Sites Inventory Form

PROPERTY OF MR. AND MRS. “Bunk” MILLS 2-story, gabled, asphalt tile roof with a variety of additions, including window styles and sizes. Windows in main block are 2 over 2. 2 by 2 bay. Exposed rafters. 2 inside chimneys with one being very short. Brick foundation.

From "Between The Nanticoke and the Choptank, An Architectural History of Dorchester County, Maryland"   Edited by Christopher Weeks, with contributions by Michael O. Bourne, Geoffrey Henry, Catherine Moore, Calvin Mowbray, M. Fred Tidwell.

Christina Andrew House - Much of the original fabric of this house has been obscured by modern siding and an unattractive metal porch. It was built in 1892 by Christina Andrew, whose husband, Tilghman Andrew, had bought the property in 1879.  Generally, the simple vernacular houses along the southern part of Maryland Route 14 are smaller and less imposing than the dwellings built at the turn of the century in the northern part of East New Market.

32 Academy Street

This house was built in 1892 by Christina Andrew.  The enclosed porch and odd rear additions greatly impacted the appearance of this house.  Perhaps reconstructing the front porch and replacing the rear addition with a modern structure could have saved this house.  However, due to neglect and decay, this house fell into disrepair and was torn down in the early 2000s.  The small house was recently replaced by the vinyl house pictured above.