East New Market

Property Reports

38 Main Street

William J. Payne House (1906-)

William J. Payne House

A tax record dated 18 May 1906 for William J. Payne's property reads "New Dwelling $1000".  Therefore, Payne had the house at 38 Main Street built during this time frame.  The front part of the house was the original house.  The middle and rear sections along with plumbing were added later.  James Cheesman (b. 1895) stated that Jimmie Payne had the house built.

The current tax map shows two structures on Parcel 120.  The second structure on this parcel is a commercial structure once known as Brannocks'.  The site of Brannocks' is the location where the old Sherman Institute building once stood. 

Cambridge Chronicle - 6 December 1914 - Big Conflagration at East New Market -
..Likewise the home of Mr. Wm J. Payne, which was on fire several times, was saved by Mr. Wm Murphy, assisted by others.  Mr. Murphy seemed to be able to withstand the heat better than the others, and for this reason was able to keep water on the building at the place where it caught...  [for the complete newspaper article see the 1914 Fire]