East New Market

Property Reports

6 Cambridge Avenue

Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church Parsonage (ca. 1960)

The brick home pictured stands at the location where the Charles T. Willis dwelling once stood.  The Charles T. Willis house was the dwelling that abutted the road on the 1922 map. The house was likely built between 1852 and 1867.  Neil Frampton, Marc Bramble, and Chuck Hurley remember that the C.T. Willis house was a two-story wood frame house.  It was in disrepair in the 1950s and was torn down.  The current brick building was completed in October 1960 and now serves as the parsonage for Trinity M.E. Church.  An East New Market feature from the Cambridge Banner in September 1960 states "The Reverend Frank G. Buckley hopes to move his family into the new parsonage adjoining Trinity Methodist Church.  The 7-room house is being built by Fooks Lumber Company, Federalsburg.  It will cost $17,950."

The 1 1/2 story dwelling that sits back from the road on the 1922 map was likely built by Richard Moore (negro) in the 1840's.  Irving Tilghman lived in the house in the early 1900s.  Although the house was not in good shape in the 1900s, Irving and his wife Margaret(?) kept the house immaculately straight and clean.  After Ms. Tilghman moved from the house, it was torn down.

Irving Tilghman property to the west of the M.E. Church

Part of the house can be seen in this 1916 photo.

Their son Billy Tilghman took many photos of people and places in East New Market.  Hamil Smith now has the collection.  We are hoping that he will eventually allow us to copy some of the photos to add to the town history.  We suspect that Billy Tilghman had taken photos of the original dwellings at this location.