East New Market

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Academy Street

Sarah Young's 7 Acres

Key date analysis:

The 3 acres that Samuel L. Webster deeded to the school were part of Sarah Young's 7 acres.  The other 4 acres were to the west and northwest of the 3 acres.  Much of it abutted Academy St.

Who built it:

Elisha Holiday was living there on this land in 1848.

Longest Residents:


More Research:

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Historic Records:

12 JFD 672 - 27 March 1923 - Samuel L. Webster to the Board of Education for $100: lot in the town of East New Market commonly known as the "Creamery Lot", the said lot lying immediately in the rear of the High School lot and binding therewith, and being bounded on the west by the county road known as the Creamery Road, on the south by the town ditch, and on the east by the property of Eben W. Wheatley, and beginning for the same at a maple on the east side of the county road and on the south side of a ditch thence with the east side of the county road as follows N34W 56f to a stake, N 22.5W 105f to a stake, N1.75E 56f to a stake, N 30.75E 90.5f to the center of a ditch, thence with said ditch S65.75E 206f to the center of another ditch and E.W. Wheatley's line, thence with said line and ditch S26.5W 220f to a stakein said ditch, thence N85.5W 63f to the place of beginning. Containing 33,416 square feet, subject nevertheless to the condition that the grantee shall drain the parcel hereby conveyed so that it will afford proper drainage to land of the grantor immediately adjoining said parcel.

16 CL 333 - 10 February 1892 - Samuel L. Webster & Priscilla A. Webster, his wife, to the Board of School Commissioners for $200:  Land adjoining the public school grounds at the town of East New Market on the south side of the county road leading from said town to Secretary.  Beginning at a stone at the southwest corner of the original school grounds and at the northwest corner of the parcel herein conveyed, thence S28/20W with a fence between this and S.L. Webster land 37 7/8 perches to a fence between this and land belonging to S.E. Collins, thence with the last named fence S87/10E 17 perches to the center of a bank between two ditches, thence with the center of said bank N24/30E 28p + 13 feet to the said original School grounds, thence with a straight line to the beginning N53/30W 18p 10f to the beginning.  Containing 3 acres and 7 square perches.  It being part of the "Rose Hill Farm" described in a deed from John Webster to Samuel L. Webster in 8 FJH 357.

8 FJH 356 - 13 December 1871 - John Webster & Rebecca Webster, his wife, to Samuel L. Webster for $10,000:  All that farm or tract of land called "Rose Hill" of which John T. Houston, late of Dorchester County, deceased, died seized situation near the town of East New Market and on the county road leading from East New Market to Federalsburg and on both sides of the road leading from East New Market to Cedar Grove, Secretary Creek.  Containing 530 acres.  Being the same land which the said John Webster purchased at Morgagees sale on the 13 June 1870.

7 FJH 446 - 4 May 1869 - George L. Stevens & Susan A. Stevens, his wife, Mary F. Newton & Wilber F. Newton, her husband, Emily J.C. Stevens & George A.K. Stevens to John Webster for $67.50:  Lot being a part of the same land which the said George L. Stevens, Mary F. Newton, Emily J.C. Stevens, and George A.K. Stevens took under the Will of John D. Stevens, and which John D. Stevens obtained from Wesley Sampson & wife by deed which is included in a survey made at the request of John Webster by George Winthrop dated 10 November 1866 of the lands purchased by him from Peter Dodson, free negro, and the land purchased by him in exchange with George Stevens. Containing 4 1/2 acres.

1852-1864 Tax Record
Peter Dodson (negro) of Baltimore
House & lot 7 acres $200

4 WJ 200 - 25 March 1848 - Clement Young & Rosetta Young, his wife, to Peter Dodson, of Baltimore:  part of "Preston Vale" devised by last Will and Testament of Henry Nicols, deceased, to Sarah Young, negro, and deeded 16 July 1847 to Clement Young by Peter Dodson and wife.  Adjoining John Websters' land.  17 acres.  (2) also a lot in East New Market adjoining the M.E. Church and the New Market Academy, now in the occupancy of Elisha Hollyday, and devised by the last Will and testament of Henry Nicols to Sarah Young, negro.

2 WJ 523 - 1 November 1845 - George Young, free negro, to Peter Dodson, free negro of Baltimore City, for $30:  right, title, and interest in all the tracts of land which the late Henry Nicols by his last will and testament dated 15 March 1832 in 2 WWE 129, "I give and bequeath unto my said negro woman Sarah, all that lot of ground with a small house thereon and containing about seven acres of land and lying back of the Methodist Meeting House, and I also give and bequeath unto said negro Sarah, a lot or parcel of land which I purchased of Jeremiah Bramble and adjoining the lands of Morris Roach, Henry Bradley and Daniel Sullivan, containing about 35 acres of land more or less.  All of the said parcels of land I give and bequeath unto Sarah during her lifetime and after her decease I give and bequeath the same to negro girl Rosette who I here herein set free during her lifetime and after her death I give and bequeath the same to my negro Clem and negro George, children of the said negro Sarah, or the survivor of them and their heirs forever."  Together with the improvements & appurtenances thereunto belonging. 

Sarah Young's 7 acres

1 THH 27 - 15 March 1832 / 26 March 1832 - Will of Henry Nicols
To Sarah, negro woman, & Rosette, negro girl, freedom at testator's decease;  Sarah to have negro boy Jem aged 13 to serve her until he arrives at age 25, then to be free;  to have lot with a small house and containing 7 acres lying back of the Methodist Meeting House;  and to have a parcel which testator purchased from Jeremiah Bramble and adjoining the lands of Morris Roach, Henry Bradley, and Daniel Sulivane, containing 35 acres.

10 ER 585 - 19 December 1827 - Emily King, Harriet King, Henry Hicks & Elizabeth, his wife to Henry Nicols for $125:  lot adjoining the village of New Market.  Beginning at a stone set down on the south side of the road leading from New Market to the head of Secretarys Creek, it also being the East corner of the Methodist Meeting house lot and from thence runs binding with said meeting house lot S29/30W 7p thence leaving said Meeting house lot and running S21W 29.5p to the land belonging to the heirs of Henry Dickenson thence to reverse and bind with said land N89E 35.5p to a commissioned stone set down by a commission as a corner of Henry Dickenson's land also said to be the first boundary of Anderton's Desire and from thence runs N1W 20.5p to the aforesaid road thence with said road to the place of beginning.  Containing 5 acres.

10 ER 149 - 3 December 1825 - Henry Hicks & Elizabeth, his wife, Emily King, and Harriet King to Henry Nicols for $69.25: Part of a tract known as "Bath". Beginning at a cedar post set down near the southeast corner of the Methodist Meeting house (it also being a corner of the meeting house lot by New Market), and from thence runs S 21 W 28 perches to the land belonging to Henry Dickinson, thence to run and bind with the said Henry Dickinson's land S 88 W 20 perches, thence N 3 E 49 perches, thence N 72 E 7 1/2 perches to a marked cedar, thence S 45 E 10 perches, thence S 46 E 11 1/2 perches, to the aforesaid meeting house lot, thence with the same S 30 W 8, thence by a straight line to the place of beginning. Containing 6 3/4 acres & 28 perches of land.