East New Market

Property Reports

110 & 112 Main Street


The lot where the M.P. Parsonage currently stands is 1/3 of the lot depicted on the 1877 map.  This lot was split into thirds in the 1880s.  The northernmost 1/3 remained the site of the Methodist Protestant Parsonage.  The southernmost 2/3 of this lot was sold to James & Maggie Dean in 1883, who in turn sold the lot to Andrew F. Dukes in 1884.  Dukes split his 2/3 part of the lot and sold northernmost half of it to William J. Varnes in 1885.  William J. Varnes built the Varnes House on this lot in 1884.  Dukes sold the southernmost half of his 2/3 part of the lot to Joseph Henry in 1886.  Henry sold it to Joseph F. Harris in 1890.  Harris sold it again in 1890 to Howard H. Willoughby.  Dukes likely built the Howard Willoughby House shortly after he purchased the lot around 1885.  The Howard Willoughby House and the site of the Varnes House are now part of a larger property owned by the Len Zeller family, which includes the H.H. Willoughby & Sons Funeral Directors building and associated buildings.