East New Market

Property Reports

27 Main Street

Mackey-Rawlings-Reid House (ca. 1800)

Mackey-Rawlings-Reid House

In 2006, the current owners replaced the windows and siding.  The shape of the house remains the same.  An up to date photo will be added in the near future.

When John Mackey sold the northern 1/2 acre part of this lot to Thomas Light in 1812 he described the lot as being north of his house.  Mackey likely built the house sometime between 1796 and 1812.  He was living in New Market when he sold 2 horses in 1805.  Between 1876 and 1896, the assessed value of this property increased from $600 to $1000.  Edward Reid likely enlarged the house during this time period.

Edward W. Reed

A barn is specifically mentioned in an 1896 tax record.  Since it was not pictured on the 1877 map and was first mentioned in 1896, the barn was likely built in the 1890s.  The barn is behind the main house.

Reid Barn