East New Market

Property Reports

2 Linkwood Road

The Fletcher Annex (bef. 1876-?)

See the Marshall-Hubbard House for information about the house pictured to the left above, which is currently standing at 2 Linkwood Road.  The house to the left pictured in the 1902 photo above was first mentioned in a tax record in 1876 indicating the house was built between 1867 and 1876.  The 1870 Census gives the appearance that this house was built before 1870.  This house appears on the 1877 map, but does not appear on the 1922 map.    If the dwelling is the Annex as mentioned in the Laskowski Papers, the structure would have been converted to a garage.

The Laskowski Papers by F. Arthur Laskowski - Old House of Hinges

...A short time later a small, old five-room house near Friendship hall was moved up to the original house and was called the "annex" and it was from this annex that the house received the name of House of Hinges as most of the doors had big old-fashioned, hand wrought hinges.  Regrettably this old annex in the process of modernizing was moved back and is now used as a garage – but unfortunately the hinges have disappeared. This old garage is one of the oldest buildings in East New Market...