East New Market

Property Reports

31 Main Street

Charles Webster House (ca. 1901)

W.F. Newton House 2005

The Charles Webster built this house between 1900 and 1910 on parts of two lots. 

These two parts were combined into one lot when Charles Webster bought the property in 1900 and 1909.  The current house was likely built shortly after 1900 when Charles Webster acquired the one acre part of the property.  The Charles Webster house was not the first dwelling to stand on this property. 

In 1791 when Francis Elliott sold the north 1 acre part of this property, it included a house.  This house is labeled as Capt. T.B. Sherman on the 1877 map.  It is now referred to as the Francis Ellliott House.  A second earlier dwelling also stood on the southernmost 1/2 acre of this property as evidenced by a deed from 1812.  The 1812 house was likely torn down or moved by 1909 as a 1909 deed describes the southernmost 1/2 acre as a vacant lot.  The footprint of the original 1812 house appears on the 1877 map.  The house is referred to as the John Mackey House.

The small structure pictured at the northwest corner of the property on the 1877 map is not mentioned in other records unless it is a storehouse mentioned in an 1852 tax record.  The structure is not shown on the 1922 map.  It must have been moved or torn down by then.