East New Market

Property Reports

39 Main Street

J.Q. Leckie Store (1858-1887)

In 1851, Mary Bramble began to sell pieces of the lot she owned at the southeast corner of Main Street and Railroad Avenue.  John L. Willis purchased a small part of this property in 1852.  The 1863 Tax Assessment List shows John L. Willis & Co. with $1000 in goods.  He was likely operating a store from this location.  In 1859, John L. Willis was first taxed for a store house.  He may have built a storehouse at that time.  John Q. Leckie purchased the store house and lot in 1861.  A newspaper article from 1887 about a major fire in East New Market indicates a fire started in the store owned by Mrs. S.H. Leckie.  At the time the store was being run by C.C. Hubbard.  This fire also destroyed the William Hooper Store.

The lots where the stores of William Hooper Store and J.Q. Leckie Store stood became the site of the two-story wooden J. Millenson & Son store.  This store was destroyed in the 1914 fire.  The 1922 Sanborn Map shows the property as an empty lot.  By the late 1920s, a new structure was built and used as a gas station.  The structure was later converted to a restaurant and bar.  The property is now known as Johnny's Tavern.