East New Market

Property Reports

7 Academy Street

Newton Dwelling

In 1852, a tax record shows Nimrod Newton with a house & lot valued at $200.  This was one of the lowest valued houses in East New Market at the time.  The house on this lot in 1852 was either the Newton Dwelling or the Helsby Dwelling.  Since I have not located a record that shows a construction date, I am not able to determine which house was erected first.  The first house was likely erected by Samuel Corkran between 1810 and 1840 and the second house was likely built shortly after the owner acquired the property in the early 1840s.  The dwelling house owned by Helsby in 1852 survived until the late 1920s.  This small one-story dwelling house with a tin roof was shown on the 1922 Sanborn Fire Map.

When Nimrod Newton wrote his Will in 1872, he notes his dwelling House and lot where I now live with the adjoining house and lot now occupied as a dwelling and Post office.  Two structures appear on the 1877 map next to the name of Mrs. Newton at this location.  The tax records for 1866 through 1876 continue to list a house, shop, and lot for Nimrod Newton and the value increases to $400 and later to $500.

The 1896 tax record shows Helen Helsby with 1 storehouse worth $1000, and 1 dwelling house & lot adjoining the store house worth $600, and 2 small dwelling houses near the store house worth $500.  The Helsby Dwelling was on the larger lot until the 1920s and thus was the dwelling house adjoining the store house listed in 1896.  The Newton Dwelling was possibly one of the small dwelling houses listed in 1896.  Today a structure stands at the same location.  It very well may be the Newton Dwelling, but has been extensively altered.  The expansion of the structure would have taken place prior to 1922 as the configuration on the 1922 map matches the current configuration.  The tin siding was added later.

1922 Northwest corner