East New Market

Property Reports

19 Main Street

McAllen House (1948)

James Sulivane designated this 1 acre property as Lot 9.  However, he did not sell the property in the 1790s along with the rest of his 17 lots.  He retained this lot and Lot 8, which was also 1 acre adjoining to the south.  A court action in 1802, conveyed James Sulivane's house & 2 acre lot.  The property consisted of this 1 acre vacant lot and the improved 1 acre lot to the immediate south.  By 1847 Eliza J. Hicks owned this 2 acre property along with a much larger part of the New Market tract.  In 1858, she sold the vacant 1 acre part of this lot to Dr. John E. Hooper, who owned the Tanyard house and lot adjoining to the north.  Dr. Hooper combined the two properties into another two acre lot.  This 1 acre part of his new 2 acre lot was still unimproved on the 1877 map. 

This 2 acre property remained as a single property until 1948 when the smaller front section of the current lot was separated from the property to the north and sold to H. Webster McAllen.  McAllen likely built this house shortly after he purchased the lot in 1948.  In 1961, Webster McAllen purchased the larger rear part of this lot.  The 1 acre lot still retains the approximate boundaries it had when James Sulivane created it around 1790.