East New Market

Property Reports

5 Railroad Avenue


(Also known as Pegelow's Place, Pegalow's Shoes, and The Drain Building)

F. Pegalow's Shoe Store

In the 1916 postcard photo above, three frame structures stood behind the Realty Building.  The one farthest from the Realty Building was former site of the Joseph Buck Post Office.  The one closest to the Realty Building is Pegelows.  The frame structure in the center is believed to have been a meat shop.

The postcard photo above was taken around 1917 to 1920.  The photo below was taken around 1942.  In each photo Pegalow's is the closest structure to the Realty Building.  By 1956 Pegalow's had been torn down.  Currently the property is a vacant paved area in front of Royal Lawns and behind the Realty Building.

Cambridge Chronicle- 6 December 1914 - Big Conflagration at East New Market

...the building owned by Mr. William F. Drain, of Cambridge, one portion of which was occupied by Mr. F. Pegelow, as a shoe store and repair place, and the other by Mr. Harry Howard, as a grocery store, caught (fire), and the stock of goods of Mr. Pegelow was practically completely destroyed, but that of Mr. Howard was but little damaged...  The Drain building is estimated to be worth about $500, and is only partially damaged. There is no insurance upon it.  The stock of goods of Mr. F. Pegelow was supposed to be worth  about $1200, and had $1000 insurance, so that his loss is practically covered...