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 5 Linkwood Road

Willis-Hubbard House

5 Linkwood Road

A 1909 entry for the tax record of Charles H. Willis notes a new dwelling on the lot near the M.E. Church.  This house was a 2-story house.  Linda Hubbard tells a story that in the early 1960s when she was engaged to her late husband Oliver W. Hubbard, he told her this 2-story house would be their home.  At the time the house was in very bad shape.  The house did not have windows or paint.  She was young and shocked at the prospect.  The first thing Oliver did after acquiring the house from his father in the 1960s was to remove the 2nd story.  Part of the current 1-story house is the first story of the original house.  Oliver W. Hubbard later extended the house with a 1-story addition.

Willis-Hubbard House 1916

The above photo shows the original house that Charles H. Willis built.  The photo was taken about 1916.

Chuck Hurley also remembers that the two story structure behind the M.E. Church and the Parsonage was used to create part of the current house. 

behind M.E. Parsonage 20082 story house behind current M.E. Parsonage 1960Comparing the 1960 and 2008 photos of the area behind the M.E. Parsonage, one can tell the 2-story structure from 1960 is in the same location at the 1-story structure that exists in 2008.  The structure is known as the Willis-Hubbard house and abuts Linkwood Road.