East New Market

Diary Entries

Diary of Emma Edmondson 1854 - 1855


Eventually, I will add some quick blurbs about many of the people mentioned in the diary.  For now page 454 of the 1850 Census will have to do.  Many of the people on this Census page were included in the Emma Edmondson diary.  Click on the # entry to see the East New Market dwelling for the household. 

1850 Census - Dorchester County, District 1, page 454 (image 318) 
Silas Collins, age 45, none, born in Maryland
Mary L Collins, age 22, born in Maryland
Thomas Collins, age 3,
Ann R. Collins, age 1, 
Henry W. Houston, age 50, physician, born in Maryland
Triphena Houston, age 41, born in Maryland
Mary Houston, age 20,
Elizabeth Vickars, age 18,
Francis H. Houston, age 13,
Susan Houston, age 9,
Margaret Houston, age 7,
Samuel D. Houston, age 3, 
Benjamin Price, age 30, Methodist Minister, born in Maryland
Speblea Price, age 30, born in Maryland
Benjamin H. Price, age 12,
Henry Price, age 8,
James Price, age 5,
Servis Price, age 2, 
Jeffrey Stanley, age 45, black, laborer, born in Maryland
Seni Stanley, age 40, black,
Alice C. Stanley, age 2, black, 
William Hooper, age 40, carpenter, born in Maryland
Emily McColeister, age 39, born in Maryland
Casidy McColeister, age 40, farmer, born in Maryland
Rebecca McColeister, age 6,
Mary D McColeister, age 2,
William Hooper, age 20, laborer, born in Maryland
John M. Leckie, age 50, merchant, born in Maryland
Margaret Leckie, age 55
Margaret A. Leckie, age 25
Mary A. McColeister, age 13 
William V. M. Edmondson, age 38, physician, born in Maryland
Elizabeth Edmondson, age 32, born in Maryland
Sarah E. Mackey, age 16
Eugenia Manning, age 15
Victoria E. Edmondson, age 14 (Emma)
Margaret A. Smith, age 10
Lucindy A. Smith, age 5 
William Christopher?, age 38, farmer, born in Maryland
Delia Christopher?, age 40, born in Maryland
Thomas Church?, age 45, none, born in Maryland
1850 Census - Dorchester County, District 1, page 321 (image 52)
Kendle M. Jacobs, age 41, farmer, born in Delaware
Janett Jacobs, age 59, born in Maryland
James Jacobs, age 17, 
Cephus Jacobs, age 18,
Mary Jacobs, age 13,
Bascom Jacobs, age 9,
Joseph Jacobs, age 6, black,