East New Market

Commercial Directories

Dorchester County Commercial Directories


Airey's Drawbridge Hill's Point Rhodesdale
Applegarth East New Market Holland's Island Robbins
Beulah Eldorado Hoopersville Salem
Bestpitch Elliott Hudson Secretary
Bishop's Head Ellwood Hurlock Sewards
Brookview Finchville James Taylor's Island
Bucktown Fishing Creek Lakesville Vienna
Cabin Creek Fox Creek Linkwood Williamsburg
Cambridge Galestown Lloyd's Wingate
Church Creek Gluckheim Madison Woolford
Cornersville Golden Hill Mt. Holly  
Crapo Harrison Reid's Grove  
Dailsville Hawkeye



Neil B. Frampton transcribed all Dorchester County Directories from 1878 to 1917 in paper form.  His work can be researched at the Maryland Room at the Cambridge Maryland Public Library and the Neild Museum in Cambridge.  "This is a strictly non-profit venture on my part aimed at saving for present and future researchers, the names and occupations of all Dorchester County persons living in the above-mentioned time frames from 1878 to 1917.  I have a personal interest in the commercial history of Dorchester County throughout all years, and am still searching for other directories which include Dorchester County."

His transcriptions of the 1908-1908 commercial directories can be accessed by clicking on the community links above.