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Henry Nicols Family

In the records of the Eastern Shore, Nicols is sometimes spelled Nicolls, Nichols, and Nicholls.  Most records spell Henry Nicols' name as Nicols.

The first clear evidence of Henry Nicols living in the East New Market area was in February 1815 when in the Cambridge Chronicle, Henry Nicols announced a horse race in New Market.  Later in July 1815, "Henry Nicols, living in New Market" advertised to hire a blacksmith.

Arthur John PritchardOur subject was possibly living in Dorchester County on 9 October 1807 when the marriage of Henry Nicols to Rebecca Whealton was recorded in Dorchester County.  With Henry Nicols first being mentioned in the New Market area in 1815, it is possible his marriage to Celia Pritchard (Prichard, Pritchett) on 17 January 1814 played a role in his living in the area.  Men named Pritchard owned land all over Dorchester County.  Arthur Pritchard lived near the New Market area as evidenced by the 1810 Census.  Members of the Pritchard family owned the Edmondson House in East New Market from 1822 to 1838.

[According to a short biography about Arthur John Pritchard (pictured to the right), he was born in East New Market in 1836.  His family moved to Baltimore in 1839.]

Henry Nicols is listed as a head of household in the 1820 Census in the East New Market area.  Only one white male was listed in the house, therefore he was our subject.  His age was 26-45.  Henry Nicols is also the head of a household in the 1830 Census in the East New Market area.  There were three white males listed 1 age 15-19, 1 age 30-39, 1 age 50-59.  The eldest white male was almost certainly Henry Nicols.  A death notice in the Cambridge Chronicle in 1832 states that Henry Nicols died at the age of 53.  This age and the Census records are consistent with a birth year of about 1778.  This would indicate he first married in 1807 at age 28, began appearing in the newspaper in 1815 at age 36, first purchased land for himself in 1825 at the age of 46, and died in 1832 at age 53.

The question remains about where Henry Nicols was born and where he lived before 1807 (or before 1814).  The 1810 Census reveals men named Nicols (Nichols) living in Dorchester County as well as the nearby Maryland Counties of Baltimore, Caroline, Talbot, Somerset, and Queen Anne and Delaware Counties of Sussex and Kent.

A Henry Nicols lived in Caroline County in 1810.  This Henry Nicols was also known as Henry Nicols 3rd.  He married in 1803 and continued living in Caroline County.  His father was sometimes known as Henry Nicols Jr.  His grandfather was Henry Nicols.  This Henry Nicols lived near Tuckahoe Creek and died in 1831 leaving two sons and a daughter.  This Henry Nicols is not the same person as the East New Market Henry Nicols.

Our subject was age 32 and married in 1810.   Since a household was not headed by Henry Nicols in the 1810 Census, he possibly lived in a household headed by a person named Nicols or Whealton.  To find an appropriate match there would need to be a male age 26-44 listed in a household after accounting for the head of the household.  If Rebecca Nicols was alive at the time, there would also need to be a female who would be maybe 20 to 40 years old.   There are three households headed by men named Nicols and one headed by a man named Whealton (William Whealton) in Dorchester County in 1810.  None have the correct combination of household members for Henry Nicols to have been a member.  

Daniel Nicols lived in the East New Market area and was listed with 3 males age 16 to 25, 1 male over 45, 2 females 16-25, 1 other free person and 25 slaves.  There is not a male age 26-44 in Daniel Nicols household.  Even though Henry Nicols does not appear to be listed in Daniel Nicols household, I believe that Henry Nicols is possibly related to Daniel Nicols since he lived in the East New Market area.  There is also some evidence that a branch of the Nicols family in Caroline County were connected to our subject.  Henry Nicols married women named Whealton and Pritchard.  His Will was witnessed by Andrew S. Gootee.  This webpage for Pritchett Gootee / Elizabeth Pritchett shows connections between people named Nicols, Pritchard, Whealton, and Gootee in nearby Caroline County.

Did Henry Nicols have children?  This is an important question.  He was married three times.  If he had a child by one of his wives, there is no evidence the child survived to adulthood.  Since Rebecca Whealton Nicols, likely died not long after she and Henry Nicols married, she may have died in childbirth.  This was a common cause of death during this era. 

In Henry Nicols 1820 Census record, there are four white people listed.  Henry Nicols, his wife, and a female age 10 to 16 are listed.  During the 1830 Census Henry is living with a male (age 15 to 19) and a male (age 30 to 39) and a female (age 20 to 29).  The males listed in 1830 did not appear in the 1820 Census with Henry Nicols, therefore they are not likely not his sons.  The female is possibly the same female from the 1820 Census.  Could this female be a daughter by Henry Nicols' first wife?  Henry Nicols' Will seems to indicate otherwise.  

Henry Nicols wrote his Will in 1832.  The Will does not mention any children.  Henry bequeathed property to Emily A. Green, daughter of Nathaniel E. Green.  Emily Green was likely a niece of Henry's wife Celia Pritchard Nicols.  Did Emily Green live with Henry Nicols in 1820 and 1830?  Did Henry raise Emily like a daughter?  This is unlikely since her father Nathaniel E. Green was alive.  Why would Emily not be living with her father and step-mother?In the 1830 Census, Nathaniel E. Green is the head of a household listed with 2 females under age 5, one female age 15 to 20, and one female age 20 to 30.  Although Emily Green could have been the younger female in Henry Nicols household in 1820 and 1830, I don't think this is the strongest possibility.

I believe it is more likely that the younger female was Margaret Ann Adelaide Green.  Margaret's father Levin B. Green died in 1818.  Margaret was likely born in 1810.  When her father died in 1818, Henry Nicols and his wife Celia may have taken her in.   On 7 December 1830 the marriage of Margaret Green and Hambleton Bell is recorded  Mr. Bell must have died shortly after the marriage as the marriage of Henry Nicols to Margaret Ann Bell is recorded on 29 April 1831.  Although marrying a father figure would be unusual by today's standards, this occurred from time to time during this era.

Sarah MackeyMargaret Green had the misfortune of having three husbands die not long after she married them.  Henry Nicols died in March 1832.  She then remarried to Phillip Mackey on 1 April 1833.  Phillip and Margaret Mackey had two children, Sarah E. and William P.  However, Phillip died before 1837.  Margaret remarried, this time to Thomas K. Smith on 19 May 1837.  Thomas K. Smith outlived Margaret, as he is shown as guardian to her Mackey children in an 1849 tax record and is apparently a widower in the 1850 Census.  Phillip Mackey and Thomas K. Smith were noted property owners in the town of East New Market. 

Henry Nicols second wife, Celia Nicols, is named in a deed recorded in February 1829.  When the 1830 Census was taken during the summer of 1830, it appears that Celia Nicols was not listed.  Considering that Henry Nicols was married to Celia for about 15 years and that he remarried in 1831, it is presumed that Celia died in 1829 or 1830. 

When Henry Nicols died in 1832 he left a long and detailed Will.  To his wife, Margaret Ann Adelaide Nicols, he left the Buckland property and all the negroes he got of her by marriage who were Daniel, Daniel Johnson, Job, Tom and Anne.  Since Margaret likely did not own slaves as an orphaned child, the negroes named were likely acquired through her marriage to Hambleton Bell.  Henry Nicols also left her his gig and horse called Charley, her choice of the best bed and furniture, and the balance of his personal estate.

Henry Nicols left to Emily A. Green, a negro girl named Maria and the Anderton's Desire property as well as survivor rights to the Buckland property.  Emily Green acquired the Buckland property after Margaret Nicols died.  However, Emily died shortly thereafter.  The property then passed to Emily's sister Sarah, wife of Septimus Thompson.

Other than the property Henry Nicols left to his wife, Margaret, and his niece, Emily Green, the primary person he left property to was his negro woman Sarah.  Sarah was later known as Sarah Young.  She must have been a special person to Henry Nicols as he left a considerable amount of property and considerations to her.  In his Will, he gave freedom to Sarah and set dates for her son's Clem and George to have freedom.  He also bequeathed to Sarah $100 and two properties consisting of 7 acres and 35 acres.  He also freed a negro girl named Rosette and gave her survivor rights to the property left to Sarah Young.  Sarah was born around 1794 and Rosette was born around 1804.  They are likely related, but probably not as mother and daughter.

The value of the property that Henry Nicols left to Sarah Young, leads one to explore their relationship.  Below are some things to consider.

Henry Nicols sold a slave named Sarah along with her 5 month old son, Abraham to John Thompson, of Davidson County, Tennessee in 1819.  This Sarah's age was 25, which set her year of birth as 1794.  Records have established that the negro woman Sarah named in Henry Nicols 1832 Will, was likely born in 1794.  This odds of Henry Nicols having two slaves named Sarah who were born in the same year are low.  Therefore, this is likely the same Sarah and Henry Nicols likely reacquired her.  John Thompson may have been connected to Septimus Thompson who married Sarah Green, a sister to Emily Green.  The sale may have been to a family friend and not an out-of-state stranger.

In 1817, a son named Clem was born to Sarah Young.  In 1819 another son, Abraham, was born to Sarah Young.  The sale of Sarah took place in 1819, five years after Henry Nicols married Celia Pritchard.  It is possible that Henry Nicols was the father of Clem and/or Abraham.  Possibly Celia did not approve and forced the sale of Sarah.  The 1830 Census in Dorchester County has an entry for Sally Young, a free negro, heading a household.  

1830 Census - Sally Young - 2 free colored males under 10,
                           2 free colored females under 10, 1 free colored female 24-36

Although, this is likely our subject, there is a possibility that the entry could be for another free negro named Sarah Young in the area who was freed on an unknown date.  This other Sarah Young is mentioned in an 1844 entry in the certificates of freedom for the county. 

Our Sarah Young was in the local area by 1832.  She may have been back for quite some time, may have returned after Celia Nicols died, or may have always been in the area.  In 1829, a son George was born to Sarah Young.  This possibility exists that Henry Nicols was the father of George.

Henry Nicols could have been the father of one or more or Sarah Young's children (Abraham, Clem, and/or George).  One item confusing that matter is that when race is recorded in records for Clem Young or George Young, the race is recorded "black" or "negro".  They were never listed as "mulatto".  It is very possible Clem or George were fathered by Henry Nicols, but appeared dark in color and were identified as "black".  Current descendants of Sarah Young describe one of her grandchildren as being light-skinned. 

Henry Nicols first recorded marriage occurred in 1807 when he was age 28.  Evidence could not be found that Henry Nicols had children by three women he married in 1807, 1814, and 1831.  Although it is possible he had children who did not survive to adulthood.  His first wife, Rebecca Whealton Nicols may have died in childbirth shortly after they were married.  Margaret Green Nicols had children by a later husband.  Henry Nicols was married to Celia Pritchard for about 16 years (1814 to about 1830).  The possibility exists that Henry Nicols was unable to have children, at least after a certain point in his life.  There are many other possibilities.  Was Celia Pritchard Nicols able to have children?  Did she have children who did not survive?  Could a relationship with Sarah Young or possibly some other factors have lead to Henry and Celia not have children during 14 years of marriage?

Henry Nicols was born in 1778.  Sarah Young was born around 1794.  Henry Nicols would have been about 15 or 16 at the time of Sarah's birth.  Considering his age at the time, he likely was not the father of Sarah Young.  Although the possibility can not be ruled out.  Henry Nicols also could be the father of Rosette, who was born around 1804.  Henry Nicols would have been unmarried and about age 24 at the time of Rosette's birth.  If he was the father, it is unknown who the mother could be.  Without evidence of Nicols marrying before 1807, one may consider if there was a reason for him to wait to marry until he was 27?   

When Henry Nicols died in 1832, the only relative identified is his Will, is his wife, Margaret.  However, there were other people named who were left considerable property.  Henry Nicols clearly had a special affection for these people.  Nathaniel E. Green was a friend and likely a brother-in-law.  He was named executor of Henry Nicol's Will.  Nicols left considerable property to Nathaniel's daughter Emily.  She was likely his 2nd wife's niece.  Sarah Young and Rosette were enslaved, but in addition to granting them their freedom, Henry Nicols left them considerable property.  This would lead one to believe there is a much closer relationship.  


[Sam Green connection to be added]


Below are the Records for Henry Nicols
(Deeds, Will, Census, Newspaper, etc.)

Bill of Sale - Henry Nicolls to John Thompson - Sarah & her son Abraham

Know all men by these presents that I Henry Nicolls of Dorchester County in the State of Maryland for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and seventy five Dollars - current money of the State of Maryland to me in hand paid by John Thompson of Davidson County and State of Tennessee the said whereof I do hereby acknowledge and ? there with fully satisfied have bargained, sold, and delivered to by these presents do bargain, sell, and deliver unto the said John Thompson, his executors, administrators, and assigns my negroes that is to say one woman by the name of Sarah about twenty-five years of age of dark complexion about five feet high and her child by the name of Abraham about five months old of light complexion, no marks recollected the above named negroes slaves for life to have & to hold the said two negroes unto the said John Thompson, his executors, administrators, & assigns to the only proper use & behalf of the said Thompson, his executors, administrators, & assigns forever and the said Henry Nicolls for myself, my executors, & administrators, the said bargained negroes unto the said John Thompson, his executors, administrators, and assigns against all persons shall & will warrant forever, defend by these presents witness whereof I have here unto set my name & seal this the 17th day of December 1819.
                                                                                   Henry Nicolls (seal)
H.P. Waggaman - On the 17th of December 1819 before me a justice of the peace for said County came Henry Nicolls & acknowledged the above bill of sale to be his act & Deed & negroes Sarah & her child Abraham to be the right and estate of John Thompson, his heirs & assigns forever according to the ? & the intent of meaning of the same & the act of a County? in such case  ? and provided.                                H.P. Waggaman


Talbot County, Maryland chattel record - 8 June 1822 – Henry Nicols of Dorchester County sells negro man Clem, age 25, black complexion to James Armitage of New Orleans, Louisiana for $380. Witness: Henry Thomas


289 - 29 December 1828 - Bill of Sale - William Stevens and John Hutchinson to Henry Nicols for $200:  their negro slave Daniel to serve 13 years.  Witn:  Stephen LeCompte


Dorchester County Land Records for Henry Nicols

(Grantee in black, Grantor in blue )

21 HD 306 - 28 September 1804 - Charlotte Murray to Henry Nicols:   Power of attorney granted to Henry Nicols to sell one share of Maryland Bank Stock No. 2201.
[not likely the East New Market Henry Nicols]

10 ER 149 - 3 December 1825 - 10 ER 149 - 3 December 1825 - Henry Hicks & Elizabeth, his wife, Emily King, and Harriet King to Henry Nicols for $69.25: Part of a tract known as "Bath". Beginning at a cedar post set down near the southeast corner of the Methodist Meeting house (it also being a corner of the meeting house lot by New Market), and from thence runs S 21 W 28 perches to the land belonging to Henry Dickinson, thence to run and bind with the said Henry Dickinson's land S 88 W 20 perches, thence N 3 E 49 perches, thence N 72 E 7 1/2 perches to a marked cedar, thence S 45 E 10 perches, thence S 46 E 11 1/2 perches, to the aforesaid meeting house lot, thence with the same S 30 W 8, thence by a straight line to the place of beginning. Containing 6 3/4 acres & 28 perches of land.

10 ER 309 - 3 May 1826 - Solomon Jump & Nancy, his wife, to Henry Nicols for $80:  house and lot which was formerly the property of Capt. Thomas Troth in New Market.

10 ER 433 - 12 December 1826 - Dennis Shenton to Bartholomew Manlove of Bourbon County, Kentucky for $200 and a negro woman Hannah:  Several tracts devised to Dennis Shenton by his father Charles Shenton.  Henry Nicols to guarantee the $200 and delivery of the negro woman.

10 ER 487 - 21 May 1827 -Henry Nicols to Dennis Shenton for $200:  Several tracts of land mentioned in the deed of conveyance from the said Dennis Shenton to Bartholomew Manlove bearing date 12 December 1826 and assigned over to Henry Nicolls on 19 December 1826 in 10 ER 433.

10 ER 488 - 21 May 1827 - John Dellehay & Margaret, his wife to Henry Nicolls for $75:  Interest in the several tracts (unnamed) which Keel Carroll, the father of the said Margaret Dellehay died seized and possessed of.  

10 ER 585 - 19 December 1827 - Emily King, Harriet King, Henry Hicks & Elizabeth, his wife to Henry Nicols for $125:  lot adjoining the village of New Market.  Beginning at a stone set down on the south side of the road leading from New Market to the head of Secretarys Creek, it also being the East corner of the Methodist Meeting house lot and from thence runs binding with said meeting house lot S29/30W 7p thence leaving said Meeting house lot and running S21W 29.5p to the land belonging to the heirs of Henry Dickenson thence to reverse and bind with said land N89E 35.5p to a commissioned stone set down by a commission as a corner of Henry Dickenson's land also said to be the first boundary of Anderton's Desire and from thence runs N1W 20.5p to the aforesaid road thence with said road to the place of beginning.  Containing 5 acres.

11 ER 144 - 15 April 1828 - Denwood H. Barrow & Eliza Barrow, his wife, to Henry Nicols for $45:  a tract in the village of New Market on the west side of the main street, bounded on the north by a lot purchased by James Thompson Esq. of Thomas Light, on the south by a lot sold by Henry Hicks (of Denwood) to James Moore, and on the west by the lands of Henry Dickinson's heirs.

11 ER 185 - 4 November 1828 - Mortgage Samuel Ferguson owing to Henry Nichols and Joseph K. Travers for $500: secured by the lot where he now lives in the village of New Market called the "old tanyard". Containing 1 acre. Margin release, mortgage paid 22 December 1828.

11 ER 197 - 26 December 1828 - Andrew S. Gootee to Henry Nicols for $204:  tract of part of a tract near New Market called New Market containing 175 acres.  Being the same land Andrew S. Gootee on 20 October 1823 purchased at a Sheriff's sale by virtue of a writ of the state of Maryland on behalf of Cain Ross for the use of Lewis Ross against William T. Harris.

11 ER 207 - 3 January 1829 - Henry Hicks & Elizabeth A Hicks, of New Castle County, Delaware to Henry Nicols for $50: all of 1/3 part of my right to a lot in the village of New Market. On the west side of the main street and bounded by the lot belonging to James Thompson, formerly the property of Thomas Light, the back part running with the line of Henry Dickinson's land, and thence binding with the lot of Stephen LeCompte, formerly the property of John Newton, and thence with the street to the first mentioned place in line of James Thompson's lot.

11 ER 261 - 26 February 1829 - Henry Nicols to William Roach for $80: a house and lot in the village of New Market, formerly the property of Thomas Troth, deceased. Said lot or part thereof was deeded to said Henry Nicols by Solomon Jump & Nancy, his wife, and also all Samuel Troths' part of said lot vested in said Henry Nicols. Celia Nicols, wife of Henry Nicols.

11 ER 350 - 16 July 1829 - Jeremiah Bramble to Henry Nicols for $250:  Parcel of land called Preston Vale containing 35 acres.  Beginning on the south side of the county road leading from New Market to Vienna running South bounded with Morris Roach land being part of said tract called Preston Vale and so continuing and binding line by line with said land until it intersects the land of Dr. Daniel Sullivane and running and binding therewith to the aforesaid county road and thence with said road to the place of Beginning and being the same land formally purchased by Thos Light of Eliz. Birckhead containing 35 acres and premises hereby bargained and sold.

11 ER 352 - 16 July 1829 - Jeremiah Bramble & Mary, his wife, to Henry Nicols for $55:  lot on the west side of the street in New Market and being part of a tract called "New Market".  Being the remaining 1/3 part of a lot sold to said Henry Nicols by D.H. Barrow and Henry Hicks on the west side of the street binding with the said street till it intersects Stephen Lecompte's lot, thence with said lot to Henry Dickinson's land binding therewith to James Thompson's lot and binding these with to the said street, and premises hereby sold.

11 ER 462 - 2 November 1829 - Elizabeth Birckhead to Henry Nicols for $1600:  All the lots in or near New Market on the east side of the main road leading from New Market to Crotcher's Ferry, containing 57 acres.

11 ER 567 - 5 March 1830 - Henry Nicols to Thomas H. Handy, Joseph K. Travers, Nathaniel E. Greene, Henry W. Hicks, Levin Smith, Elijah Stevens, and John Stewart (of Jno), trustees of New Market Academy and their successors for $5:  the parcel of land upon which the Academy now stands, containing 17 square perches.  Lying on the south side of the main road that leads from New Market to the head of Secretary Creek, and adjoining the meeting house lot.  Beginning at a stone near and old stump & upon the ditch bank and the south west corner of the said meeting house lot and from thence runs N 27 E 8 2/3 perches binding and running with the Methodist Meeting house lot to the middle of the road aforesaid, then with said road N 57 W 2 perches, thence S 27 W 8 2/3 perches to the aforesaid stone.  Containing 17 square perches and known by the name of "Anderton's Desire".

5 WJ 166 - 1 October 1849 - Septimus Thompson & Sarah L. Thompson, his wife, of Baltimore to Kendal M. Jacobs for $2000:  lot in and near the town of East New Market where a certain Thomas Willoughby now resides.  Being the same property which belonged to a certain Henry Nicols, whereon he resided at the time of his death and which he devised to his wife during her natural life and after her death to a certain Emily E. Green and the said Emily E. Green having departed this life intestate, the said property has descended to the said Sarah L Thompson, her only sister of whole blood.  Containing 50 acres 

1800 Census -
A Henry Nicolls in Talbot County and a Henry Nicols in Baltimore.
There are households headed by John, Nehemiah, and William in Dorchester County

1810 Census
No households headed by Henry Nicols in Dorchester County
(Henry Nicols in Caroline County was different person)
There are households headed by Daniel, John, and William Nicols in Dorchester County

1820 Census - Dorchester County, (ENM area)
Henry Nicols -
White males   - 1 age 26-45
White females - 1 age 10-16, 1 age 26-45,
Slave males   - 1 under age 14, 1 age 14-26, 1 age 26-45
Slave females - 2 under age 14, 1 age 26-45
Free colored male - 1 age 14-26

1830 Census - Dorchester County, District 2 (ENM area),
Henry Nicols -
White males   - 1 age 15-19, 1 age 30-39, 1 age 50-59
White females - 1 age 20-29
Slave males   - 1 under age 10, 2 age 10-23, 2 age 24-35, 1 age 26-54
Slave females - 1 under age 10, 1 age 10-23, 1 age 36-54

[Republican Star - 16 March 1813 - Henry Nicols and Joshua Kennard, admin of Jonathan Nicols, Queen Anne County.]

Republican Star - 28 February 1815 - A Subscription Race of Fifty Dollars -
Will be run at New Market, on the 27th of March 1815, free for the world, on half mile and repeat, agreeably to the rules of racing - non-subscribers to pay double entrance.
Henry Nicols, New Market.

Republican Star - 18 July 1815 - Blacksmith Wanted -
A good Smith that can be well recommended, is wanted for the next year.  A white man would be given an interest in the shop - or liberal hire will be given a coloured man, who understands his business. Apply to the subscriber, living in New Market, Dorchester county.  Henry Nicholls

Cambridge Chronicle - 19 January 1828
Constable's sale against Charles Wheatley (of Joseph) at the suits of Henry Nicolls, William Powell, Turpin Jacob, and Charles Wright:  negro girl Maria.

Cambridge Chronicle - 8 March 1828 -
Sherriff's sale of interest of John H. Barrow:  tracts belonging to Levin Marshall, deceased, Nanticoke Indian land, Grove, Marshall's Chance, and other tracts at the suit of Henry Nicols for the use of William Parrott.

Cambridge Chronicle -- 3 May 1828 - Constable's Sale -
Negro man Joseph, negro woman  Leah, and other property of Charles Lecompte of C.  To satisfy the suits of William Parrott, Thomas Dawson, Henry Nicols assignee of A. Gootee, Thomas Medford assignee of Uriah Medford, Morris Roach & Son, Francis Webb admin of William Webster, James Cropper admin of Andrew McCollister, and James Webb assignee of Thomas Hayward.

Cambridge Chronicle – 21 June 1828 – Sheriff's Sale –
Sheriff's sale at suit of Thomas R. Brooks and John Randell, use of Henry Nicols, against St. George E. Roberts at the house of said Roberts in New Market, his right to 1/3 of real estate of Roger Hooper, deceased, negro girl Sarah.

Cambridge Chronicle - 3 January 1829 - Sheriff's Sale -
Sheriff's sale in behalf of Henry Nicols against Sophia Sterling, administrator of John Sterling:  negro woman Linar.

Cambridge Chronicle - 30 January 1830 -
Sale of real estate by John Donovan in the cause of Henry Nicolls and others against Edward Griffith and Frances Griffith, administrators of Silas Griffith and Prudence Griffith and Robert O. Griffith, children and heirs of Silas Griffith, deceased.

Cambridge Chronicle - 7 May 1831 - Married -
In this county, on Tuesday evening last by the Rev. Mr. Rauleigh, Mr. Henry Nicols to Miss Margaret Ann Green.

Cambridge Chronicle – 24 March 1832 – Died –
At his late residence in New Market, on Tuesday morning 20th inst., Mr. Henry Nicols, aged about 53 years.

Cambridge Chronicle – 31 March 1832 –
Nathaniel E. Green, executor of Henry Nicols, to sell personal estate of deceased (negroes excepted).

Cambridge Chronicle - 28 July 1832 - Notice -
By virtue of a special order of the honorable Orphans' Court of Dorchester County, and agreeably to the last will and testament of Henry Nicols, deceased, I will offer at public sale on the 14th day of August next, at Henry B. LeCompte's tavern in New Market, a small LOT containing five or six acres, situated opposite Jos. K. Travers tan shop in New Market.  Also, a WOOD LOT of about 200 acres, situated near Elijah Stevens' and about two miles from New Market;  all on a credit of six and twelve months, by the purchaser or purchasers giving bond with two approved securities, bearing interest from the day of sale.  Sale to commence at 10 o'clock A.M.     Nathaniel E. Green, Ex'r of Henry Nicols, dec'd    July 28 - 3w




8 June 1822 -$380 – Henry Nicols of Dorchester County sells negro man Clem, age 25, black complexion to James Armitage of New Orleans, LA. Witness: Henry Thomas

9 October 1807 - Dorchester County - Henry Nicols marries Rebecca Whealton

17 January 1814 - Dorchester County - Henry Nicolls marries Celia Pritchard

29 April 1831 - Dorchester County - Henry Nicolls marries Margaret Ann Bell
[She is the widow of Hambleton Bell]


Sarah Green was the daughter of Nathaniel E. Green and Lydia.  (1846 Will of Arthur Bell)


7 DEC 1830 BELL, Hambleton                      KEENE, Margaret (Green not Keene)

29 APR 1831   NICOLLS, Henry                      BELL, Margaret Ann

1  APR 1833   MACKEY, Philip                      NICOLLS, Margaret A.

19 MAY 1837   SMITH, Thomas K.                    MACKEY, Margaret A.

1 THH 27 - 15 March 1832 / 21 March 1832 - Will of Henry Nicols
Click for the Last Will and Testament or Henry Nicols



14 HD 451 - 31 January 1799 - Thomas Pritchett to John Edmondson and son:  livestock and furniture.  Witn:  Samuel Collins and Jonathan Bunnell.

14 HD 514 - 27 March 1799 - Daniel Nicols to James Pritchett:  Negro woman and child.