East New Market

Notable People and Families

Dr. Daniel Sulivane

Dr. Daniel children was born around 1747 in a structure near Friendship Hall on the New Market tract.  He married Susan Orrick around 1770.  She was possibly the Susan Orrick who was born 9 January 1743 in Baltimore, the daughter of John Orrick and Susannah Hammond.  The 1776 Census of Maryland lists Daniel Sulivane Jr. as head of a household in the Transquakin Hundred (New Market area).  His household included 2 males under 10, 1 male 30-40, 1 female under 10, 1 female 30-40, and 12 negroes. 

In 1783, Daniel Sulivane owned a large amount of real estate in Dorchester County including tracts called Addition, Addition to Daniel's Chance, David's Purchase, Hazard, Littleton's Neglect, Nancy's Lot, Patrick's Fortune, and Yeoghall.   He also owned land in New Market.  In 1791 Dr. Daniel Sulivane purchased a house on the east side of Main Street now known as the William Riley House.  In 1794 Dr. Sulivane was named one of the original trustees of the 1791 New Market Episcopal Chapel.   A 1798 deed selling the property of James Sulivane by court order describes Dr. Daniel Sulivane as living at that house now known as Buckland.

A deed from December 1800 states "Whereas James Bennett Sulivane by his humble petition hath set forth that his father Doctor Daniel Sulivane died intestate, seized of considerable landed estate and leaving the following children to wit, you petitioner, Robert Sulivane, Elizabeth Birckhead, and Clement Sulivane...".  Dr. Sulivane left his improved 186 acre part of the New Market tract to his son, Robert Sulivane.  He also left a well improved 50 acre lot to his daughter Elizabeth Birckhead.  This property runs along the north edge of Railroad Avenue and includes the house now known as Buckland.  The deed described Buckland as the late dwelling house of Dr. Daniel Sulivane, deceased.

Dr. Daniel Sulivane and Susan Orrick Sulivane had at least four children:

(1) James Bennett Sulivane was born 7 February 1773 most likely at Friendship Hall.  On 9 April 1795, he married Elizabeth Ennalls.  She was born around 1773.  In 1798 James B. Sulivane bought 2 adjoining lots in New Market from his uncle, James Sulivane.  Shortly after purchasing these lots, James B. Sulivane built a 2 story brick house that is today known as the Edmondson House.  James B. Sulivane died on 4 March 1818 and is buried at Christ Church Cemetery in Cambridge.  His widow, Elizabeth sold the Edmondson House and other property in 1822.  Elizabeth Ennalls Sulivane died on 24 June 1849 at age 76 and is also buried at Christ Church Cemetery.  James Bennett Sulivane & Elizabeth Sulivane had 6 children:

(1) Susan Orrick Sulivane was born 9 April 1796.  On 21 October 1813, Susan Sulivane married William Grason, who would later become the Governor of Maryland.  After they married, they lived with Susan's family in Dorchester County.  The home was possibly the Edmondson House.  After 2 or so years, William and Susan Grason returned to the Grason family estate on the Wye River in Queen Anne's  County.  William and Susan Grason had twelve children.  Susan died 4 August 1861.  William died 2 July 1868. Both are buried at the Grason farm in Queen Anne's County

(2) James Bennett Sulivane was born around 1801.  He died on 1 July 1832 at age 31 and is buried at Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery in Cambridge.

(3) Ann Green Sulivane was born around 1803.  On 9 February 1824, she married William Vans Murray.  He was born 6 August 1799, the son of William Murray Robertson and Henrietta Maria Murray.  He was born William Vans Robertson, but changed his name to William Vans Murray by an act of the Maryland Legislature in 1821.  His mother's brother was the famous William Vans Murray, who was a Congressman, a Minister to the Hague, a Minister Plenipotentiary to the French Republic, and one of the negotiators of the French Treaty of 1800.  William Vans and Ann Sulivane Murray inherited the Glasgow house and estate in Dorchester County through William's mother Henrietta Murray Robertson.  She had inherited the estate from her brother William Vans Murray.

William Vans MurrayGlasgow - Home of William Vans Murray 

William Vans and Anne Murray had three children, Emily (1827-1849), John (1829-aft1880), and Mary E (1831-1857, married William Grason Jr.).  The 1830 Census lists William V. Murray as head of a household with 1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30, 1 female under 5, one female 20-30, and 18 slaves.  In the 1850 Census, Ann G. Murray was living in Cambridge with her daughter Mary, a sister Elizabeth, and other relatives.  In 1860 and 1870, she was living in Cambridge with her son-in-law William Grason Jr. and her sister Elizabeth.  In 1880, she was living with her son-in-law, and sister, and her son John in Cambridge.  William Vans Murray died 17 August 1836.  Anne Green Sulivane Murray died 14 March 1884.

(4) Elizabeth Caterall Sulivane was born 8 October 1804.  In 1854 she was the sole beneficiary of her mother's estate.  The estate included 280 acres called Preston, a house & lot in Cambridge where Elizabeth  now dwells, all negroes, and all other personal property.  During the 1850, 1860, & 1870 Census, she was living with her sister Ann G. Murray in Cambridge.  Elizabeth Caterall Sulivane did not marry or have children.  She died on 31 July 1876 and is buried at Christ Episcopal Church in Cambridge.

(5) Mary Ennalls Sulivane was born around 1807.  She died 26 January 1837 at age 30.

(6) Vans Murray Sulivane was born on 1 June 1810.  He married Octavia Van Dorn.  She was born 20 July 1816, the daughter of Peter Van Dorn and Sophia Donelson Caffery (niece of the wife of President Andrew Jackson).  In 1830 Vans Murray Sulivane was listed an alumni of the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Balitmore.  In 1840, V.M. Sulivane was listed as the head of a household in Claiborne, Mississippi with 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 2 males 20-30, 1 female 5-10, and 1 female 20-30.  Vans and Octavia had three children, Isaac R (1834-?), Clement (1838-1920), and Octavia (1840-1906, married Ryder Henry).  Clement Sulivane was a Confederate Captain during the Civil War and also a lawyer, journalist, writer, and state senator.

Vans Murray SulivaneOctavia Van Dorn Sulivane

Vans Murray Sulivane died 2 October 1840 and is buried at Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery in Cambridge.  Octavia Van Dorn Sulivane died 26 July 1897.  Her obituary was copied for the 1903 publication about her brother Major-General Earl Van Dorn called A Soldier's Honor.  Octavia is also buried at Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery.

(2) Robert Sulivane was over 21 when he inherited land from his father in December 1800.  He sold this land in 1801 and 1809.   In a February 1802 writ in the name of Clement Sulivane against James Sulivane out of the General Court of the Eastern Shore, the Sheriff of Dorchester County, sold a 5 acre lot of James Sulivane to Robert Sulivane (his nephew).  This lot is on the north side of Railroad Avenue and now comprises several properties including the Lida M.Smith House.  In 1806 Robert Sulivane sold the 5 acre lot to his sister, Elizabeth Birckhead.  A January 1804 writ ordered the sale of the lands and tenements of Thomas Marshall, late of Dorchester County, to pay his debts. To satisfy the debt unto Theophilus Marshall for the use of Samuel White, the sheriff sold at auction a lot in the village of New Market which said Thomas Marshall purchased of William McDonald and James McDonald.  One week later Robert Sulivane sold this lot to Samuel White.  In 1812 Robert Sulivane bought the Edmondson House and personal property from his brother James B. Sulivane.  At the time the house was occupied by Henry P. Waggaman, brother-in-law of President John Tyler.  There is no evidence that Robert Sulivane ever occupied the Edmondson House.  A deed from 1813 show he was living in Cambridge at the time.  Robert Sulivane sold the Edmondson House and other personal property back to his brother, James B. Sulivane in 1815.  Commonly a wife would be privately examined when a husband sold land.  When Robert Sulivane sold land in 1801, 1809, 1810, 1813, and 1815, a wife was not mentioned.  A marriage record also could not be found.  It is very likely that Robert Sulivane did not marry or have children.  There is no further record of Robert Sulivane after he conveyed his land and personal property to his brother in 1815.  He likely either passed away or migrated West after 1815.

(3) Elizabeth Sulivane was born in New Market around 1775.  On 2 February 1797, Elizabeth married James Birckhead.  He was born around 1760 in Talbot County, the son of Christopher Birckhead and Anna Edmondson.  James and Elizabeth Birckhead lived in New Market.  They had three children:

(1) Harriett Caroline Birckhead was born 15 January 1798 in New Market.  She married George Weller on 8 July 1818 in Cambridge.  George and Harriett Caroline Weller had 12 children, Ellen (1819-1820), George Copeland (1821-1841), Susan Orrick (1822-1900, married Joseph Passmore), James Birckhead (1823-), Catherine Pearce (1826-1899, married Joseph S. Todd & Hugh Markham), Reginald Heber (1828-1903, married Emma Look & Catherine Veale), Jane (1830-1891, married Henry W. Bowen), Caroline (1831-, married George Passmore), Maria (1835-1835), Ann Minnick (1836-1850), Francis Fogg (1839-1915, married Aubin Hutchins), Mary (1841-1927).   George & Harriett Caroline Weller moved to Cecil County, Maryland, and then to Philadelphia, then to Nashville, and finally settled in Mississippi.  Harriett Weller died in Mississippi in January 1853.

(2) Ann Ennalls Birckhead was born 22 March 1799 in New Market.  On 16 January 1822, she married John Henry Hooper.  See the Hooper family for more information.

(3) James Birckhead was born 19 December 1800 in New Market.  He may have married a Miss Wells and may have moved to Virginia. 

In November 1799 in the Republican Star, James Birckhead of New Market advertised the sale of the estate of Christopher Birckhead, deceased of Talbot County.  According to a newspaper notice, James Birckhead died in New Market in October of 1800.   Another newspaper notice shows Robert Sulivane and Clement Sulivane took over selling the estate of Christopher Birckhead.  During the 1800 Census, Eliza Birckhead was listed as the head of a household with 2 males 16-25, 2 females under 10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 16-25, 1 female 26-44, and 4 other free persons.  Also in 1800, Elizabeth Birckhead inherited from her father the William Riley House and the property known as  Buckland.  She added to the Buckland property in 1805 and 1806 by purchasing land from her brother Robert Sulivane and exchanging land with her uncle James Sulivane.  A newspaper notices from 1819 and 1820 indicate George Weller would be renting her farm and later selling it.  In 1825, Elizabeth Birckhead along with her daughter and son-in-law, sold the William Riley House to siblings by the name of Ross.  In 1829, she sold property known as Buckland to Henry Nicols.  Elizabeth Birckhead died around 1836 as shown by a letter written by her niece, Virginia Waggaman.

(4) Clement Sulivane was under 21 in 1800.  In a February 1802 writ in the name of Clement Sulivane against James Sulivane (his uncle) out of the General Court of the Eastern Shore, the Sheriff of Dorchester County, sold two houses and lots of James Sulivane to Clement Sulivane.  One house and lot was the Tilghman Andrew House.  In 1807 Clement Sulivane sold the Tilghman Andrew house to John Virden.  The "other" house mentioned in the deed was no longer standing as of 1877.  This lot where this house stood was later divided into two lots that now comprise the Shadrach Carmine House and the McAllen House properties.  In 1812, Clement Sulivane sold this property to Daniel Sulivane (son of James Sulivane).   An 1814 deed mentions that Robert Sulivane is the survivor of Clement Sulivane.  Clement Sulivane had likely died by 1814.

A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature 1635-1789 by Edward C. Papenfuse, et. al.

BORN: on March 10, 1745/46, in Dorchester County; younger son.
NATIVE: at least third generation.
RESIDED: in Transquakin Hundred, Dorchester County.

FAMILY BACKGROUND. FATHER: Daniel Sullivane (ca.1708-by 1783).
MOTHER: Sarah Anderton.
BROTHER: James (1737-?).
SISTERS: Mary (ca. 1738-?), who married Thomas Ennalls (?-by 1783); Sarah (1741-?). NIECE: Sarah Ennalls (1761-1842), who married Henry Waggaman (1753-1809).
OTHER KINSHIP: step-grandfather, Peter Taylor (1680-ca. 1747/48).
MARRIED by 1773 Susannah (Susan) Orrick.
CHILDREN. SONS: James Bennett (1773-1818), probably a physician, member of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland; Robert; and Clement.
DAUGHTER: Elizabeth, who married James Birckhead.
Another child, sex and name unknown (?-1780).

EDUCATION: literate.
OCCUPATIONAL PROFILE: physician, by 1771.
PUBLIC CAREER. LEGISLATIVE SERVICE: Lower House, Dorchester County, 1780-1781, 1783. OTHER STATE OFFICE: Constitution Ratification Convention, Dorchester County, 1788.
LOCAL OFFICES: sheriff, Dorchester County, 1770-1773; justice, Dorchester County, 1788-1791 (declined); justice, Orphans' Court, Dorchester County, 1789-at least 1790.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: 12 slaves, 1776; assessed value £751.18.4, including 13 slaves and 25 oz. plate, 1783.
LAND AT FIRST ELECTION: 220 acres in Dorchester County (the remainder of 620 acres purchased before first election).
SIGNIFICANT CHANGES IN LAND BETWEEN FIRST ELECTION AND DEATH: inherited at least 863 acres in Dorchester County from his father, by 1783; resurveyed 620 acres of the land
he inherited from his father for a net gain of 28 acres in Dorchester County, 1793.
DIED: funeral held on January 16, 1799, in Great Choptank Parish, Dorchester County.
PERSONAL PROPERTY: size of estate unknown.
LAND: 933 acres in Dorchester County.