East New Market

Census Records

1940 Census

Dorchester County, East New Market Town
Enumerator Charles Helsby
April 2 - April 10, 1940

Many of the questions on the 1940 census are the standard ones: name, age, gender, and race, education, and place of birth.  But the 1940 census also asked many new questions, some reflecting concerns of the Great Depression.  The 1940 census also has a supplemental schedule for two names on each page.  The sampling in 1940 was the forerunner to the Current Population Survey which has been conducted every month since 1946 to measure the nations unemployment rate.  The supplemental schedule asks the place of birth of the person's father and mother; the person's usual occupation, what they were doing the week of March 24–30, 1940; and for all women who are or have been married, has this woman been married more than once and age at first marriage.

I have provided some of the data for people who lived in the town of East New Market in 1940.  For more detailed data click here for Images of the 1940 Census for East New Market.

Charles Helsby who enumerated East New Market in 1940 had terrible handwriting.  The volunteers who created the index at Ancestry.com misidentified names for about one third of the households.  Neil Frampton who lived in East New Market in 1940 and I were able to decipher almost all of the names.  If any corrections need to be made, let me know.



1 O 1500 No Littleton Geo A x Head M W 77

Littleton Sallie H
Wife F W 75
2? O
No Taylor Mary A x Head F W 76

No Houth Elizabeth A
Sister F W 74
3 R 15 No MacBeth Alexander
Head M W 50

No MacBeth Charlotte x Wife F W 47
4 O 800 No Varnes Sallie L
Head F W 51

No Varnes Edna M
Sister F W 44

No Varnes J Fletcher
Brother M W 43
5 O 1200 No Willoughby Howard H x Head M W 75

No Willoughby Addie
Wife F W 73
6 O 1500 No Frampton Nathaniel B x Head M W 37

No Frampton Elizabeth C
Wife F W 35

No Frampton Rita A
Daughter F W 9

No Frampton Nathaniel B
Son M W 1
7 R 4 No Mowbray Minnie x Head F W 29

No Hughs? Margaret E
Boarder F W 18
8? O 1000 No Millard Mary F
Sister F W 85

No Millard Frank E x Head M W 76

No Millard Emma A
Cousin F W 73
9? R 3 No Bounds Herman C x Head M W 56

No Bounds Walter H
Son M W 17
10? R 4 No Saunders James H x Head M W 68

Yes Saunders James H
Son M W 13

Yes Saunders Saddie V
Daughter F W 11
11 O 1200 No Kimmey Sallie E abs Mother-in-law F W 75

No Kimmey Minna B x Head M W 56

No Kimmey James H
Son M W 29

No Hummer Wilmer
Nephew M W 17

No Hughs William W
Boarder M W 18
12? O 1200 No Gootee Willis M x Head F W 79

No Gootee Mary V
Daughter F W 35
13? R 8 No Demott C Warren x Head M W 27

No Demott Alma M
Wife F W 26

Yes Demott E Warren
Son M W 6

No Demott Dorothy A
Daughter F W 3
14 O 12 No Camper S Wrightson x Head M W 62

No Camper Lucy T
Wife F W 60
15 R 10 No Holly Raymond C x Head M W 37

No Holly Agnes E
Wife F W 30

No Holly Charles L
Son M W 11

No Holly Abie T
Daughter F W 7

No Holly Howard P
Son M W 5

No Holly Irving
Son M W 4

No Holly Nellie J
Daughter F W 3

No Holly Laura J
Mother F W 72
16? R 15 Yes Wheatley Ralph O x Head M W 41

Yes Wheatley Helen B
Wife F W 39

Yes Wheatley John O
Son M W 16

Yes Wheatley Eben W
Father M W 81
17? O 800 No Richardson Julian M x Head M W 45

No Richardson Freida M
Wife F W 42

No Richardson Freida M
Daughter F W 21

No Richardson Virginia L
Daughter F W 18

No Ausmussen Asmus
Father-in-law M W 81

No Ausmussen Mary M
Mother-in-law F W 80
18? R 800 No Woodward Stuart
Head M W 25

No Woodward Roselyn x Wife F W 22
19 O 15 No Isenberg Harriet x Head F W 77

No Isenberg Donald E
Son M W 40

No Isenberg Franklin A
Son M W 38

No Isenberg Mildred L
Daughter-in-law F W 35

No Isenberg Marguerite A
Granddaughter F W 14

No Isenberg Charles F
Grandson M W 11

No Isenberg George B
Step-son M W 71
20 O 2000 No Brannock Ethel E x Head F W 47
8 No Mar Veigh Emily R x Head F W 30

No Willey Mary B
Boarder F W 28
22 R 15 No Bramble Archie x Head M W 68

No Willey May K
Sister M W 67
23 R 4 No Jones Samuel x Head M W 70
24 R 15 No Thomas Lake R x Head M W 40

No Thomas Dorothy E
Wife M W 39

No Thomas Dorothy E
Daughter M W 19

No Smith James M
Father-in-law M W 72
25 R 10 No Seeders William E x Head M W 49

No Seeders Nellie
Wife F W 48
26 O 10 No Blake Charles H x Head M W 62

No Blake Stella
Wife F W 60

No Blake Marguerite
Daughter F W 18
27 O 800 No Smith Lucy J x Head F W 48

No Smith Herbert
Son M W 26

No Smith M Frances
Daughter F W 18
28 O 800 No Collins John FS x Head M W 67

No Collins Edith C
Wife F W 58
29 O 3000 No Overton Jay x Head M W 54

No Overton Selina
Wife F W 52

No Overton Jay
Son M W 18

No Overton Jane
Daughter F W 17

No McCormick Elizabeth
Mother-in-law F W 80
30 R 10 No Holley Timothy x Head M W 45

No Holley Elizabeth
Wife F W 38

No Holley Julius J
Son M W 10

No Holley Shirley R
Daughter F W 80
31 R
No Dodson Goldsborough x Head M Col 36

No Dodson Annie M
Wife F Col 33

No Dodson Harry
Brother M Col 31

No Dodson Leon
Brother M Col 27
32 R 8 No Harry William M x Head M W 31

No Harry Hattie E
Wife F W 31
6 No Dukes Isaac S
Head M W 47

No Dukes Ruby A x Wife F W 40

No Dukes May F
Daughter F W 11

No Bell George D
Boarder M W 56
34 R 2 No Jolley Martin E
Head M Col 41

No Jolley Rebecca S x Wife F Col 42

No Jolley Martin E
Son M Col 16

No Jolley Louis S
Son M Col 13

No Jolley A Eslyn
Daughter F Col 10

No Jolley William M
Son M Col 7

No Jolley Thomas H
Son M Col 2
35 O 4000 No Patton John E x Head M W 64

No Patton Amelia
Wife F W 62
36 R 8 No Patton James B
Head M W 52

No Patton Angeline x Wife F W 50

No Patton James B
Son M W 20
37 R 8 No Travers Norman
Head M W 28

No Travers Lorene W x Wife F W 26

No Travers Marguerite
Daughter F W 5

No Travers Normanelle
Daughter F W 1
38 R 8 No Johnson Lee A
Head M W 52

No Johnson Corrine M x Wife F W 42

No Johnson Cecil M
Son M W 17

No Johnson Leonie
Daughter F W 15

No Johnson Charlotte
Daughter F W 13

No Johnson Frank R
Son M W 11

No Johnson Maud E
Daughter F W 8

No Johnson Bettie G
Daughter F W 6
39 R 9 No Gambril Thomas W
Head M W 26

No Gambril Dorothy E x Wife F W 29
40 R 6 No Tilghman Elizabeth x Head F W 41

No Tilghman William S
Son M W 14

No Tilghman Patricia
Daughter F W 10
41 R 5 No Knotts Jerome
Head M W 75

No Knotts Sarah E
Wife F W 63

No Knotts Joseph L x Son M W 25
42 O 5000 No Hubbard William T
Head M W 45

No Hubbard Shirley D x Wife F W 44

No Hubbard W Gordon
Son M W 15

No Hubbard Richard P
Son M W 11

No Hubbard Oliver W
Son M W 9
43 O 3000 No Creighton Sue E x Head F W 61

No Jefferson May E
Mother F W 79

No Jefferson Eva
Sister F W 58
45? R 5 No Bradley W Clarence x Head M W 55

No Bradley Lena E
Wife F W 49

No Bradley William C
Son M W 22

No Bradley Eldridge
Son M W 20

No Bradley Milton J
Son M W 16

No Bradley Clarence S
Son M W 12

No Bradley Doyle
Daughter F W 7
47 R 10 No Willoughby Howard H x Head M W 26

No Willoughby Ruth A
Wife F W 30
48 O 3000 No Johnson Annie B x Head F W 81

No Johnson William C
Son M W 58
49 O 100 No Webster Mary T x Head F W 60
50 R 15 No Farver Albert S x Head M W 34

No Farver Elizabeth M
Wife F W 29
51 O 2000 No Jones Myra S x Head F W 69
52 R 8 No Koch Sophia D x Head F W 59

No Koch Harry W
Son M W 27
53 O 3000 No Clauser Andrew x Head M W 71

No Clauser Christina
Wife F W 71
54 O 500 No Collins William T x Head M W 68

No Collins Iva L
Wife F W 38

No Collins Willam B
Son M W 4

No Bounds Beulah M
Niece F W 18
55 O? 2 No Niebuhr William H x Head M W 71
56 R 5 No Smith Mollie A x Head F W 75
57 O 1000 No Wright Ada L #- Head F W 72
58 R 8 No Morgan Charles E x Head M W 58

No Morgan Helen
Wife F W 57

No Morgan Jarrett A
Son (Nephew) M W 17
59 R 8 No Blades Edgar x Head M W 59

No Blades Grace M
Wife F W 47
60 R 10 No Kelso Hugh B x Head M W 63

No Kelso Alice M
Wife F W 67
61 O 2000 No Saxton Clarence L x Head M W 67

No Saxton Maria J
Wife F W 60
62 R 5 No Bell George C
Head M W 28

No Bell Marie? V x Wife F W 28

No Bell Charles E
Son M W 4

No Bell Patricia J
Daughter F W 3
63 O - No Bell C Edwin
Head M W 70

No Bell (Blank) Ella D
Wife F W 64
64 O 0 No Smith T. Hammil
Head M W 44

No Smith Elizabeth S x Wife F W 36

No Smith T. Hammil
Son M W 13

No Smith Sara M
Daughter F W 11

No Smith William C
Son M W 7
65 R 3 No Higgins Raleigh x Head M W 81
66 R 100 No Huffman Ishmael W x Head M W 26

No Huffman Angeline G
Wife F W 22
67 O 2000 No Pennypacker Harmon
Head M W 50

No Pennypacker Lillian
Wife F W 44

No Pennypacker Norman H
Son M W 25

No Pennypacker Albert L
Son M W 14

No Pennypacker Nancy A
Granddaughter F W 5
68 R 12 No Adshead Lawrence A abs Head M W 33

No Adshead Thelma E
Wife F W 29

No Adshead Lawrence B
Son M W 1
69 O 2500 No Moore Flora V x Head F W 68

No Moore Evelyn V
Daughter F W 32
70 R 12 No Bradshaw Leon x Head M W 38

No Bradshaw Wilsie C
Wife F W 39
71 R 10 No King Ira x Head M W 23

No King Myrtle C
Wife F W 27

No King Iris
Daughter F W 3m
72 O 500 No Vickers Sarah E x Head F W 71
73 R 15 No Thomas Bain C
Head M W 55

No Thomas Edna P
Wife F W 45

No Bloodsworth Clifford H abs Son M W 20

No Bloodsworth Ronald E
Son M W 18

No Bloodsworth Pauline E
Daughter F W 14

No Bloodsworth Patricia R
Daughter F W 7

R 8 No Hackett R Alton x Head M W 63

No Hackett Edna H
Wife F W 60

No Hackett Charla A
Mother F W 82
74 R 11 No Tolley Edgar R x Head M W 58

No Tolley Adah D
Wife F W 58
75 R 13 No Hurley Charles F
Head M W 29

No Hurley Mildred H x Wife F W 24

No Hurley Charles F
Son M W 8m
76 O 2000 No Webster Daisy H x Head F W 63

No Stockley Elizabeth W
Daughter F W 41

No Webster Charles
Son M W 34

No Webster Rhoda N
Daughter-in-law F W 27
77 O 1000 No Parker Harry E x Head M W 55

No Parker Lucy W
Wife F W 47

No Parker Brooks W
Son M W 23
78 R 3 No Mowbray Thomas A x Head M W 34

No Mowbray Nellie M
Mother F W 54
79 R 10 No Collins Thomas H
Head M W 60

No Collins Bessie H x Wife F W 35

No Collins Douglas H
Son M W 23
80 O? 12 No Rickwood W Dudley x Head M W 33

No Rickwood Elizabeth
Wife F W 30

No Rickwood W Jennings
Son M W 9

No Rickwood William V
Son M W 7

No Rickwood Joan Elizabeth
Daughter F W 3

No Rickwood Howard W
Son M W 1
81 R 10 No Clifton Emerson H x Head M W 29

No Clifton Ruth E
Wife F W 24

No Clifton Emerson H Jr
Son M W 4

No Clifton Mamie
Mother F W 69

No Coulbourn Leon
Boarder M W 38

No Kral Louis
Boarder M W 24

No Henry Junius
Boarder M W 30

No Collins Phillip G
Boarder M W 29

No Collins Ann
Boarder F W 20

No Coulborn Oliver H
Boarder M W 43
82 R 15 No Boston James E x Head M W 78

No Boston Elsie M
Daughter F W 38

No Henry Percy
Son-in-law M W 49

No Henry Rosaline
Daughter F W 50
83 O 400 No Willis Mary R x Head F W 78
84 R 10 No Nengel Ruth E x Head F W 54

No Nengel Stewart
Son M W 20

No Nengel Milton
Son M W 17
86? R 5 No Earle Agnes E x Head F W 53

No Earle William
Son M W 26

No Earle Franklin W Jr
Son M W 25
86 O 3000 No Baker John A x Head M W 74

No Baker India M
Wife F W 62
88 O 2000 No Hicks Mary E
Head F W 66

No Dean William R x Brother M W 70
89 O 3000 No Hall E Roy t Head M W 51