East New Market

Property Reports

East New Market Properties

Properties Listed by Address

3 Academy Street, Smith Tax Office

5 Academy Street, Saxton & Parker Hardware Store

6 Academy Street, Old Trading Post

7 Academy Street, Newton Dwelling

10 Academy Street, Town Engineer's Office

11 Academy Street,

13 Academy Street,

14 Academy Street, Abdell-Isenberg House

15 Academy Street,

17 Academy Street, Belle Kimmey House

19 Academy Street,

21 Academy Street,

22 Academy Street, Anderton's Desire

23 Academy Street, First Baptist Church

24 Academy Street,

25 Academy Street, Baptist Parsonage

26 Academy Street,

27 Academy Street,

28 Academy Street,

30 Academy Street,

32 Academy Street,

40 Academy Street, East New Market High School Senior Apartments

45 Academy Street, Rose Hill

2 Cambridge Avenue, Trinity United Methodist Church

3 Cambridge Avenue, Woodward-Nossick House

5 Cambridge Avenue, Standley Cottage

6 Cambridge Avenue, Trinity Church Parsonage

2 Linkwood Road, Marshall-Hubbard House

5 Linkwood Road, Willis-Hubbard House

1 Main Street, Hooper-Reid-Creighton House

2 Main Street, Blake-Andrew House

3 Main Street, The Leckie House

4 Main Street, Pennypacker-Austin House

5 Main Street, Samuel & Lillie Stevens House

6 Main Street, Patten-Clauser House

7 Main Street, Old M. E. Parsonage

8 Main Street, Haskins-Houston House

9 Main Street, The Edmondson House*

11 Main Street, Mary Titus Webster House

12 Main Street, Smith Cottage

13 Main Street, Shadrach Carmine House

14 Main Street, Thomas E. Collins House

16 Main Street, Vickers' Trailer

18 Main Street, A. F. Dukes House

19 Main Street, McAllen House

20 Main Street, The Blake-Wheatley House

22 Main Street, William Willoughby House

23 Main Street, The Tanyard

24/26 Main Street, Willoughby Carriage Shop

27 Main Street, Mackey-Rawlings-Reid House

28 Main Street, The Oliver W. Hubbard House

30 Main Street, The New Market House

31 Main Street, Charles Webster House

33 Main Street, William Riley House 

34 Main Street, The Brick Hotel (ca. 1785), Brick Store House (1865- ca. 1920), and A.L. Manning Framed Store House (1866)

35 Main Street, The Old Tavern

36 Main Street, The Dr. A.L. Manning House (1863)

37 Main Street, The Dorchester House

38 Main Street, William J. Payne House (1906), Old Sherman Institute (ca. 1845-1914), and Brannocks' (1925)

40 Main Street, Fletcher's Folly (ca. 1870 - ca. 1970)

39 Main Street, Johnny's Tavern, The Old Trading Post, The Dorchester House, J.B. Leckie & Son, William Hooper's Store

43 Main Street, Realty Building, Hotel Chesadel, Bramble House, I.H. Wright Store

101 Main Street, East New Market Fire Department, Johnson Store & Dwelling, East New Market Bank,

103 Main Street, Mrs. Maggie's Cottages

104 Main Street, Hometown Pride Market & Deli, Helsby's Corner Store, the Old Granary, and the Corkran-Helsby Dwelling.

105 Main Street, Mrs. Maggie's Cottages

106 Main Street, H.H. Willoughby & Son Funeral Directors, Zeller Funeral Home

107 Main Street, Mary Bramble House

109 Main Street, James M. Murphy House

110 Main Street, Howard Willoughby House

111 Main Street,

112 Main Street, Methodist Protestant Parsonage

115 Main Street, Adshead Lot

116 Main Street, St. Stephens Episcopal Church

118 Main Street, Harry Groton House, Samuel W. Webster House

2 Railroad Avenue, East New Market Bank

4 Railroad Avenue, Willis Hardware Store

5 Railroad Avenue, Pegelow's Place

6 Railroad Avenue, Charles H. Willis House

7 Railroad Avenue, Joseph Buck Post Office, Royal Lawns

8 Railroad Avenue, Margaret A. Baker House

9 Railroad Avenue, Phillips-Blake House

10 Railroad Avenue, Secretary Street

11 Railroad Avenue, Tilghman Andrew House

12 Railroad Avenue, John Arlington Baker House

14 Railroad Avenue, Buckland

15 Railroad Avenue, Friendship Hall

102 Railroad Avenue, Lida M. Smith House

104 Railroad Avenue,

106 Railroad Avenue,

108 Railroad Avenue,

110 Railroad Avenue,

112 Railroad Avenue,

202 Railroad Avenue,

204 Railroad Avenue,

206 Railroad Avenue,

208 Railroad Avenue,

210 Railroad Avenue, Woodland

212 Railroad Avenue, Salem German Evangelical & Reformed Church

304 Railroad Avenue,

306 Railroad Avenue,

310 Railroad Avenue, Station Master's House